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  1. Darkness and Light

    December 15, 2009 by Naoko Kensaku

    Do not confuse Dark and evil. The two are as alike as the Light and goodness. Good and evil are motivation, while Light and Dark are the powers themselves. One may use the Dark to do good, and use the Light to do evil.

    Conversations with Bishops

    Long-term observations are incomplete without an analysis of the language. Each generation signifies its commitment by the words they use. Pay no attention to words uttered by an individual, but by the groups you observe.

    Briefing to the Jiatian Locks

  2. Random thoughts

    December 2, 2009 by Naoko Kensaku

    There is no good or evil but for the choices one has to make. – Celeste, Goddess of Death.

    I am a child of the Sun. Even if rain refreshes me, I’ll bask happily for hours (skin cancer be damned) under the Sun’s loving rays. – Me

    Release the hate and then then anger, your path illuminated it shall. Gouge not thine own eyes to spite thy anger. – Me

  3. Stepping out

    July 7, 2009 by Naoko Kensaku

    A moment to breathe is never a moment lost.
    Naoko Kensaku
    Mitsutani Matriarch
    Notes to a Lost Generation

  4. Edited for a quote

    January 14, 2009 by Naoko Kensaku

    I read this:

    NKorea offers envoy for Obama inauguration: reports


    NKorea offers envoy for Obama interrogation: reports

    Right. Less skimming, more reading.

    Also, something that popped while going through some notes:

    Within the void nothing is created, yet may be summoned into being. The old is made new and the new made old; the cycle is awakened.

  5. Balance

    October 23, 2008 by Naoko Kensaku

    If Destruction and Creation were opposed to Balance, what would happen?

    Keys to Twilight

    Inspired by Ti aka [EducateDeviate]

    If a child shows interest in something good, encourage it. If a child shows interest in something distasteful, investigate that interest, not the child. If the child shows no interest, engage her. If the child has the talent but not the interest, sustain it not. If the child has the interest but not the talent, give him the skills to survive.

    You should never send a child into battle unprepared nor ignorant. It is your duty, as their guardian, to ensure that they, in turn, can guard others. Allow them the freedom to grow and evolve. Children are children. Do not force, nor cajole. They are not adults, and thus you should not expect an adult’s jaded perception, but a child’s cheeky honesty.

    Our children evolve and take on the values we display. Therefore, choose your nursemaids with care. Youth’s energy should be tempered with adult caution and elderly wisdom.

    Jinna Aos Si
    First Matriarch of the Daoine-S├Čth Huntresses

  6. Serving Death

    October 7, 2008 by Naoko Kensaku

    Death is the great equaliser. There is only one state of death, and that is the removal of the soul from the body. No accident of birth will prevent Death, save for the Immortals, and even they must pass on. In Death, all are equal; no matter the era or world She remains constant.

    There is no other Mistress I would serve.

    First Matriarch of the Mitsutani

  7. Duties of a Queen

    September 9, 2008 by Naoko Kensaku

    All Hail the Queen
    Wise, Just, Fair
    All Hail the Queen
    Guardian of the Land

    All Hail the Queen,
    Mistress of Elements
    All Hail the Queen
    Divine Balance

    All Hail the Queen
    Fate’s Favoured and Blessed Child
    All Hail the Queen
    May her reign be fruitful

    Traditional Jiatian Coronation Song,
    taken from Celebrations and Lamentations: Jiat’s Hymns of Grace

  8. Nano Prologue: Origins of the Xi’an

    August 20, 2008 by Naoko Kensaku

    Children’s riddle: Of all the Landless Ones, she alone has no land but is the Mistress of all the Land. Who is this Life-giving Lady?

    Answer: The Queen.


    This is the only known reference about the connection of the landless nobility, the six Landless Lords, the Xi’an, the Weapons of the Queen who are traditionally her bodyguard, and the ones who are named after each of the Elements, including that of the Dark and the Light, to the Queen of Jiat.

    The Queen is the embodiment of all duality in Jiat; she is Queen and King, Father and Mother, Parent and Child, All Lands are hers yet they are Not, The Magical and the Physical, and the Daughter of Life and Favoured of Death. By this, she is both Supreme Ruler of Jiat and the servant of the common people. As a Daughter, she protected her mother, the previous Queen, leading her own circle of Xi’an.

    Jiat is assumed to be bound unusually close to the Wheel of Fate, so the line has remained uninterrupted from the First Queen to the current 27th, Queen Felicity. With a few exceptions, so do the Xi’an, whose various bloodlines tie them together to the Queen.

    As of this Generation, it is said that Felicity’s Xi’an are planning to offer their adopted children, who are distant offshots of the main bloodline, as the Xi’an to Felicity’s daughter, Geraldine, in an attempt to break their lines from Karma, and by doing so, break Jiat from its karmic fate. Indeed, Felicity’s reign has already seen far more turbulence than most worlds; she came to the throne long after her mother had passed, having denied it by her father.

    But Karma spins as she spins, Time Moves as he moves, and the Creator and Destroyer draw closer to their purposes.

  9. Instinct

    July 22, 2008 by Naoko Kensaku

    As a species, what keeps humans alive isn’t just their instinct to survive; it’s their defining characteristic.

    Ariala Rourke Lumos,
    Priestess of Inari
    2nd Heir to Foxes’ Cave

  10. Quotes to Remember

    July 15, 2008 by Naoko Kensaku

    The amount a channeler can actually channel will always be higher than the actual power they control. This is because their physical and mental capacity to sustain that power is greater than their mind’s mastery to control the direction of the said power.

    It is not unheard of to hear someone who cannot control their powers being able to channel vast amounts of power. It is impossible for someone to channel less power than they are able to control. By this we mean the raw output versus a direct one, your body against conscious manipulation. You may choose to channel less power than your actual capacity to control it; that is not what we mean.

    Rikan Alexis of the Mitsutani Clan
    Excerpt from Sisterly Visions