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The Count Of Thebes

So one of the things I kinda resolved to do this year was to make my way through my pile of unread books. I’ve read (in no particular order):

  • Dragonfly Falling by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • The Great Magician by Christian Jacq
  • Dead Man’s Drive by Michael Panush – Sponsored review; I received a copy of this and am going to write a fuller one later
  • Ico – Castle in the Mist by Miyuki Miyabe (RM8 was a steal at the Big Bad Wolf Sale!)
  • Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken by Oliver Bowden (I have issues with his writing style)
  • A Memory of Light by Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan (it finally ended but man what an ending. A bit peeved by it, to be honest. Another hardcover steal too!)

Just finished Ico, so I’m taking a quick break before I continue. I might be starting on Alternative Histories soon OR Playing That Yaoi Game I Bought At CF That I Need To Rip. It’s… NFSW apparently, but the artwork looks gorgeous.

2 guys but 24 endings WHAT INSANITY IS THIS?

[Poetry] Prophecy Draft

Autumn Winter
Summer December
A stray glance
A misplaced trust
Gone was light
Innocence lost

But for a kiss to be slain
But for a night, to be destroyed.

Forbidden, forbidden
Ah how sweet the fruit
Even sweeter still
The corruption of souls.


A fleeting stray
A gentle glance
A soft heart
Innocence relapse.

Fear and love
Leash and free
The same mistakes,
The same longing.

Different beds in a night
Lovers many but hearts a few
Reap, reap weep and rend
Thus begins the Baron’s revenge.

- The Downfall of the Vermillion Isles
Written by an unknown poet

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[Shorts] Hazy Days

Image from by jnxyz
Image from by jnxyz

She awoke to the smell of smoke, coughing.

It was so bad that she turned on her side and continued to cough, trying to expel the smoke from her lungs. There was no heat associated with the smoke; her mind immediately supplied that it was the haze. In an odd sort of mind loop, she found herself surprised that she could make such an association, then she realised she had just wanted something to take her mind off the efforts of her body to cough her lungs out.

“Misha?” her partner spoke, awakened by her coughs.

“I’m… ok,” she choked between coughs, then gave up and got out of the bed.

She stumbled somewhat towards the kitchen and poured herself a cup of water. It soothed her throat somewhat, but she still felt like coughing her lungs out. She heard her partner come out of the room, but did not turn. Warm arms enveloped her shoulders, drawing her close.

“Nightmare?” a soft, loving voice near her ear. She shook her head and leant back, grateful for both the warmth and company. Her mind asked her again, what had she done to deserve such an understanding partner?

“No, just this bloody haze,” she finally looked up towards the window.

The city in the valley was covered in a soft grey blanket, like a thick fog. The only difference was that fog was usually cold, not hot. And she felt very warm now.

Though not warm enough to leave her partner’s embrace.

“No running today,” her partner whispered, looking out towards the city.

“Assuming we get water today,” she sighed.

They stood like that for a long time, watching the sun rise over a haze-covered city.

[003] Light

This post was written for the 100 Themes challenge. For the full list, click here.

Chapter 3: Lightning

There are shadows, and then there are shadows.

Some shadows you can see easily; darkness created by an obscured sun. Others live only in the fear of your mind, hidden in the deepest trenches of your soul.

Most terrifying of all are the shadowkeepers who wield both. They wield them like weapons, to manipulate, horrify and control. They are not a large number.

But they exist.

Or so the girl told herself as she sat in the middle of an empty house in the forest, stirring a pot and whispering soft, arcane words.

Her voice had a singsong quality, rising and falling in measured intervals. She took a deep breath before each new line, a shallow one whenever she had to add ingredients. A great sigh escaped her lips when she reached the end of the incantation.

“For thus I swear, and thus I curse, their life together in a hearse,” the tune made no sense, yet as she finished, there was the crack of thunder, and a flash of lightning. The fire under her stirring pot went out, and she felt chills on her spine.

Soon there was nothing left in the abandoned house, not even the tiny light of an ember. Continue reading

Early Mornings

Dear Muses,

Yes, we are excited for the trip. Yes, we were charging all the things. Yes, something woke us up at 5am in the morning after sleeping at 1am.


I honestly would have preferred if you’d have waited until a more sane hour. Urgh. Can’t sleep now, so I ended up downloading more of Gantz and packing all my chargers.


Random Quote

A peculiar witch dashes into the outlook.

Now that brings up some interesting story ideas.

This is one hell of a story

The Personhood Amendment in the US is terrifying to me because it doesn’t just paint an America at war with women.

It reminds me that too easily, my government could, and perhaps would, do the same thing.

Reading things like these, make me cry. I have no idea why.

Via SiliconShaman on LJ.

[Characters] Felix

[Note to Self] Time to gather all the different characters into one place, darling, and the artwork you commissioned for them.

Character commission for naokokensaku by ~binkibonsai on deviantART

Commission done by BinkinBonsai on DeviantArt.

Felix is an individual you could call “quietly capable.” He seems to be a secondary character, one who prefers to stay out of the limelight and would be seen assisting important people as a personal assistant or as a secretary.

However, Felix is a Prince, and as such, he does not seek to serve individuals. Rather, he serves concepts, and at his current age, he serves the navy of Jiat and his duty to his sister, the monarch Queen Felicity. His sense of duty is such that he will not hesitate to step forward for the interest of his country, but he would prefer not to.

To hide his identity, Felix has grown a trim and well kept moustache. His dark hair is styled with just enough mess to indicate that it was done deliberately. He is cautious and observant. Due to his quiet, subservient manner, the Prince has not attracted any suitors, simply because he does not stand out, not even when placed among introverted types. He has a slim build.

His favourite weapon is the rapier and he is a crack sharpshooter. His clothing style is of quiet competence.

[Characters] Destiny

I believe Destiny is responsible only for throwing challenges in our way to see what we are made of. She does not have the power nor the capability to set our life’s path. Otherwise, having a free will is meaningless.

Naoko, on why she does not approve of Karma, the Goddess of Fate
Notes from a teacher