[Characters] Destiny

I believe Destiny is responsible only for throwing challenges in our way to see what we are made of. She does not have the power nor the capability to set our life’s path. Otherwise, having a free will is meaningless.

Naoko, on why she does not approve of Karma, the Goddess of Fate
Notes from a teacher

[Writing] Depths of mind

Darling muses

I know that rationally, you’re a part of me and what you express are facets of myself that I can’t consciously be aware of.

But damn Sukina, that was chilling. And yes, I know Naoko, it was cowardly of me to chicken it out that way. But argh.

Depth of mind you terrify me. But still. <3 Thank you all for being patient with me.

This disjointed entry brought to you by terrifying Subconscious Muses (TM).

[Shorts] This war

Just a quickie that’s been bothering me the whole evening.

“This war we’re fighting for… it was never for us. It was never for our sake. It was always for our children. If we want a better world for our children to grow up in, then it’s up to us to make it. No one else,” she whispered softly as they sat near the campfire, her face furrowed in concentration.

“But what if we’re wrong?” her student’s voice sounded loud after her whisper. She caught a note of hysteria and uncertainty in that question.

“Then our children live with our mistakes.”

“That’s not…”

“Fair? The world isn’t. But I’d rather leave my daughter a legacy she can look up to than one that will cover her in shame,” both of them fell quiet, leaving the unspoken thought between them that legacies were a very impractical thing to leave a baby.

“Go to sleep, Ariala. The call may come soon,” her voice was kindly as she admonished her student to sleep. The child yawned.

“But I’m not sleepy,” she protested weakly, even as she wrapped herself in the blanket and laid down. Within seconds, she had fallen into the quick sleep that elite soldiers did when they took their rest whenever they could.

They had a good two hours rest before the horns sounded, and they went to war.

Fiction: Letter

This letter was received by Naoko on her 25th birthday.

Dear Alexis

The tangible world is known to us by five senses. However, without the presence of the sixth sense, the world as we know it will not come to being. It will be stagnant, with each element being completely alone, in its own essence, without evolution. Evolution is not desired, nor is it required, but once evolution is begun, it cannot be stopped. One needs to evolve completely to the reach the end that is most suitable for that thing.

So it is with Jiat.

We are outsiders. But we are also Xi’an. Whenever we enter Jiat, we become that is which is most useful to it. We do not sacrifice our sanity, our senses, nor even our reason. It is a mutual contract. In Jiat, we are governed by the powers of the planet. This power does not leave with us when we leave Jiat. It is present only when we are in contact with the planet.

But we are chosen because we have our own powers. By ourselves, in our own bodies, we too, hold the Keys to the Universe. There are many XI’an who have gone insane because they stayed too long on Jiat and confused their desires with those of the planet. We have refused to. By disengaging from the planet after taking that oath, we have delayed, at least the curse that kills our bloodlines.

The direct transfer of Jiat’s power from parent to child is well-known. You know too, my daughter, that we transfer memories, skills and individual powers in this manner as well. And by the time you read this, you would be aware that not all the powers that are your birthright will be activated. The potential to use those powers will be there, but they will be locked. Your body and your genes can only activate so much at any given period of time.

But the burdens you will bear…

Forgive this letter, my daughter. Forgive your mother for placing such a restriction on you. Forgive me for bonding you into the same slavery I bonded myself.

We are the darkness to our sisters’ lights. That is our burden, as others will see. Never forget that we are the light to those moments in darkness. Smile, my lovely phoenix. We are the coal to the phoenix’s fire.

Your mother
Naoya Kensaku
Scion of House Rourke


As a species, what keeps humans alive isn’t just their instinct to survive; it’s their defining characteristic.

Ariala Rourke Lumos,
Priestess of Inari
2nd Heir to Foxes’ Cave

Quotes to Remember

The amount a channeler can actually channel will always be higher than the actual power they control. This is because their physical and mental capacity to sustain that power is greater than their mind’s mastery to control the direction of the said power.

It is not unheard of to hear someone who cannot control their powers being able to channel vast amounts of power. It is impossible for someone to channel less power than they are able to control. By this we mean the raw output versus a direct one, your body against conscious manipulation. You may choose to channel less power than your actual capacity to control it; that is not what we mean.

Rikan Alexis of the Mitsutani Clan
Excerpt from Sisterly Visions

Chapter 3: Maiden

Naoko got out of the taxi slowly while her driver hurried to take her luggage from the boot. She stood looking at the large, ivy-covered gates, even as three men in black came through it, looking at her as an intruder. The cab driver put the bags next to her and got into his taxi, putting a hand on Naoko’s shoulder as he passed her.
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Of Finicky Muses

Excerpts of my conversation with Naoko on IM while another mun watched on (in amusement, I dare say). Naoko’s the one in ((Naoko)) -___________-”

PriestessNaoko: ((you’re typoing, dear mun))
PriestessNaoko: don’t remind me
PriestessNaoko: And it doesn’t help that you and Su suddenly tell me: YOU HAVE NO IDEAS FOR NANO
PriestessNaoko: ((*hums*)
PriestessNaoko: -_-”
PriestessNaoko: ((oh, we’ll come up with something))
PriestessNaoko: your first chapter draft isn’t exactly something I’m sure will take off
PriestessNaoko: ((pish posh! we both know all you need is to be pushed off the edge and the ideas will roll to you))
PriestessNaoko: ……….
PriestessNaoko: *handsonface*
PriestessNaoko: ((*bows*))
PriestessNaoko: *small voice* I am so doomed…
PriestessNaoko: ((*pats* you’ve always been doomed darlin’))
PriestessNaoko: *whine*

I’m pretty sure [Lac], Luc, DMJewelle and [ElderG] can empathise.

Nanowrimo grouses

Is it bad that before we even hit October, my muses have already started planning?

Naoko: You need to do more research on Spain and the Madrid Train Bombings!

Sukina: Hmm… Two or less chapters for introductions this time around… then we move into the plot.. should focus less on backgrounds, and more on ancient mythology, role of women… especially in Egypt.

Kishan: …..

Me: ….

Of course… this year they are MORE ORGANIZED THAN BEFORE. ARGH.

You should be thankful. We should be able to hit 50k this year.

Less description, more action.


*Both sisters together* OH HUSH!

*Goes sulk in a corner*