Dentistry Adventures, Part 1!

So, on Wednesday night, I woke up from my sleep with acute teeth pain. It was so painful I was almost in tears. A sharp stabbing pain like nothing before. And some itchiness at the back of my jaw to top it all off. So I made an unscheduled visit to my dentist the next morning. He suggested I go for a root canal but recommended I go for a second opinion because it was the first time I had ever needed a root canal.

I skipped that yesterday because I was rushing to work. And then this morning I went to him again, and he suggested I get an x-ray, because I now had additional symptoms. I agreed, and then I went to a dentist that was recommended by my ex-manager. Because it was a walk-in, the wait was quite long; think about 1.5 hours. During my time there, a kid screamed in the surgery. ^^; I think he was just too nervous?

So then I got an x-ray and some very interesting information about my teeth. For one, I still have my milk teeth (2 of them!) Also the tooth that required the root canal had sort of “invited” the tooth next to it, so I may need to do two root canals instead of one. However, that was something that could be done one at a time. The price though, was a good RM100 higher than what my original dentist was charging, though the tempting offer was that I’d have to visit him less.

The best part of all? Both dentists take only cash. WTF.

Rest of the day was spent waffling between the two. The reason is simple: cheaper dentist is more familiar with my teeth and is a known factor. However, he’s only around on weekdays, which means if I want to do it on weekends it’s a no-go. More exp doc is available on weekends, including tomorrow, but he’s fully booked till next week. I can take a chance and walk in, but the nurses say it’s better for me to get an appointment done first.

Got home and discussed things with the parental units. Dad suggested I try the dentist that did his extraction nearby, because at this point in time, cost is an issue. I’ll go check them out and see what they say. Thing is, I’ve googled the place, and the reviews I’ve been seeing isn’t exactly… encouraging.

Also proof that my body also likes to joke around, the pain is quite acute outside my room. But when I’m in my room, I don’t really feel that much pain. However, it’s getting quite hard to eat. My left side hates it if any food gets in there, so I’ve been relying on the right side of the jaw to eat. This has the funny side effect of me actually tilting my head to the right so I chew on that side.

No, I don’t know why either.

Urgh this pain is irritating!

Also, as of 2014, here are the rough rates for root canals around the Klang Valley:

RM400-RM1,000, depending on who you go to.

Will post reviews of the different dentists later.

Go go go

10KM Medal from PBIM 2013.
10KM Medal from PBIM 2013.

Pull the trigger slam the door
Pick up the pace, it’s time to go
Penang Bridge just you wait
Half Marathon here I come!

Now if only the bloody thing will open for registration. ;_;

Zombies, Run!

I love Zombies, Run! It’s an app that takes storytelling to another level; you’re Runner 5, and you are part of a team that’s responsible for gathering supplies and completing missions in Abel Township.

I bought both the full version and the 5K training app, (the latter I feel is more torturous compared to the actual app) and the voice acting is superb. How good is it?

I found myself cooing as though to a baby during one of the missions today. While running/walking, I actually went, “There there, darling, shhh it’s going to be ok, awww, shhhhh don’t cry honey” and etc etc in reply to whatever was happening on my phone. And I actually felt a pang of pain when they talked about the baby’s parents.

I think I freaked out a few of the other gym members whoops.

But yes. Awesome app. Get it now. They’re currently having a New Year sale, so it’s much cheaper than normal.

With that, zzzzzzz….

Dietary reminders

Chap Fan Lunch
This was a mere RM3 a month ago. :P

Being a quick and dirty post that I want to sort out when I have the time.

This insulin sensitivity post has described quite a few of the symptoms I’ve noticed about myself over the past few years, especially in the light of my Tanita reading yesterday. For one, my body fat percentage is 35%. For another, my body age is 42.

So despite having a relatively good weight, my body fat percentage is horrendously high. I suspect the machine is not calibrated for Asian sizes, because it suggested my ideal body weight was 52kg. I’ve been there, and do not want to be there again. :P Also I’ve been told that 52kg for my frame is unrealistic (55kg makes more sense).

Will probably start on the chap fan and breakfast diet tomorrow. The chap fan diet is a diet where I eat cheap economy rice without rice. :D There’s a restaurant near my house that has a pretty good variety of economy dishes at affordable prices.

With that, poofing time!

Running Achievements

Besides being a writer, I’m also a gamer at heart. Scores give me an idea of how well I do, and how well I don’t. So in real life, until otherwise proven, running’s one of the easiest games for me to get into. :P

Below are my “high scores” over the past… 17 months?

  • 14 July 2012: Men’s Health Shape Run
    Distance: 12.42 km
    Time: 1hr 55 mins
    Avg pace: 9 mins 19 seconds
  • 30 Sept 2012: PJ Half Marathon
    Distance: 7.45 km
    Time: 1 hr 9 mins
    Avg Pace: 9 mins 17 seconds
  • 13 Oct 2012: Nike We Run KL
    Distance: 10.08km
    Time: 1hr 37 mins
    Avg pace: 9 mins 43 seconds
  • 18 Nov 2012: Penang Bridge International Marathon
    Distance: 10.25km
    Time: 1hr 32 minutes
    Avg Pace: 9 mins 3 seconds
  • 29 Sept 2013: Standard Chartered KL Marathon
    Distance: 11.18km
    Time: 1hr 29 mins
    Avg Pace: 8 mins*
    Oddly enough, my official time is 1hr 30mins.
  • 17 Nov 2013: Penang Bridge International Marathon
    Distance: 10.27km
    Time: 1hr 26 mins
    Avg Pace: 8 mins 28 seconds

Wow, all things considered, PBIM 2013 seems to have been a PB of sorts, though SCKLM comes close. It LIES btw. That 10km felt like it was 12km, and apparently my GPS agrees.

First time I FFK’ed a run

If I sign up for something, I generally want to get my money’s worth (who doesn’t?). But with the weather like this… I think I’d rather go have breakfast and then come home to sleep.

Hazy Putrajaya at 7am.

Yes, that is Putrajaya at 7am. Usually you can see the building in the distance clearly, but today, you can barely see it. And that’s not mist, it’s haze. *cough cough hack*

Body learnings

Things I learnt about my body this past few weeks:

  • If I have a light meal for dinner the night before, waking up and showering causes me to feel really hungry
  • Went for Muay Thai class yesterday. The class started off by being very exhausting (we had to do a bunch of stretches and the like) and ended on a high note. Woke up this morning with pain in my lower right back and both my calves ow ow ow ow. Still want more though.
  • My body is over-sensitive to stimuli when it comes close to the time I want to wake up. The slightest noise/heat/pain will do. Else this is because of the app I’m using
  • My hips have grown wider. :(

Penang Bridge Marathon thoughts

So I went running the other day.

To be specific, I went running on the Penang Bridge.

10 kilometres. 1 hour, 31 minutes. Ranked 1,363 out of 5,209 runners.

To be honest, I was kind of disappointed in myself. I wanted to improve my timing to come in under 1 hour, 15 minutes. When I was thinking about the results, I thought about the reasons I failed, in my mind.

I didn’t really have breakfast before I started running (my stomach DID growl about 10 minutes into the run, whoops!).

I didn’t really get enough sleep the night before (think 6-8 hours for 3 days).

I was just not ready.

Today, after watching this video, I realised just what a whole load of crap that was.

I didn’t fail. Not by a damn long shot.

I ran 10 kilometres in 1 HOUR 31 MINUTES. When earlier this year, it had taken me almost 2 hours to run 12 kilometres. That’s a fantastic improvement for someone who just started running competitively this year. I just started running in July. By November, with little training, I had already cut my time in half (though to be honest, I was going to the gym before this).

There’s also the not-so-tiny fact that I keep forgetting. I don’t run because I want to get a great timing. I’m not running because I want to win (that would be a side, added bonus). I run because I can. I run because there’s nothing but me, the road, and how far I am willing to push my body.

And it is all about how far I’m willing to push my body.

Really. When at the end of the day I get views like this? Oh hell yeah. I’d do it all again. And take more pictures. Enjoy the picspam!

PS: There’s a poem hidden in the photos. Mouseover to read. :3