Choices choices choices

One of the things I learnt about the recent Neurosemantics NLP course is to be aware of my choices. From the choice of to stay in bed or to get up, or the choice to drive, or the choice of how you eat, these are all choices. Our bad habits are also choices. The good news is that because they are choices, they can be changed. The bad news is that because they are choices, they can be changed. :P

One of the most important things I’ve learnt is how to stand back and evaluate my choices. When a choice is made, there are three experiences you could choose from:

1. To create a new experience
2. To end an experience
3. To maintain the current experience

Choices are powerful. At the end of the day, you are only responsible for how YOU feel and act. No one else. How you choose to react, is your own choice. There is no such thing as “That person makes me angry.” It’s more of “I choose to get angry with that person.”

Which would probably explained how I survived those years in customer service. :P I rarely chose to get angry. I did, however, choose to smile and plod on.

Ok time to roll to work.

PS: I am now a certified NLP practitioner. :P

Author: Naoko Kensaku

Geminian Rat. Carried by an Aries Bear.