[Song] Blessings * A Song For You

Been listening to Halyosy’s Blessings and Connecting on loop for the past few weeks in the office. It’s been a very eventful time; I have visited Korea and Taiwan since January, updated my Bear’s tablet to Android L, bought more clothes than I thought I desired, and realised that while I love travelling, I find it exhausting if it’s within weeks of each other, unless it’s for work.

The return to routine this week has been both a blessing and a curse, but that is a topic for another day. And speaking about Blessings, let me introduce you to this earworm that will. just. not. leave. me. As usual, lyrics under the cut.


Quick Life Update

I am reminded today why I hate working in KL. Working in the city is fun if it’s work that interests me and makes me glad to be alive. Other days, like today, it’s drudgery and exhaustion. Empty even.

I do blame my mood somewhat on my period. It’s been a depressing few weeks, not helped by an unusually boring time at work. That said, I am getting more steps in my daily commute. It’s been easy to get 8,000 steps a day. Yesterday I even managed to hit 12,000 plus steps. That is crazy, and I paid for it with feeling much more exhausted than usual.

Even so, I went to bed at about the same time as I usually did last night. Was supposed to sleep but too exhausted to kick self off the computer chair. Apparently doing 12,000 steps a day feels like doing a 10k. I did that about two years ago; a 10k run easily netted me 10k steps within 6 kilometres.

Pretty sure I’m getting my numbers off but at this point I don’t quite care. What I do care is that my feet still feel exhausted but my brain is not. Which is one of the reasons why I hate working in KL. It’s a situation where my body is exhausted but my mind is not. I am so tired though that I don’t have the energy to write at night. My brain spins the wheels but the car is going nowhere.

That said, I did manage to get some ideas for a new concept down. It seems interesting but I don’t think it’s that viable. Or rather, I haven’t found the hook yet with which to write it. Still, I have the weekend somewhat to work on it, in between planning for Korea and Taiwan.

Yes, company trip is coming up this Tuesday, followed by Taiwan the following week. And I need to figure out what time I will be heading to the lodgings of both.

Ah, procrastination.

Trying something different

Trying something different today. I recorded a video of me using my mechanical keyboard and the resulting text is below. I have fixed the post for spelling but that is about it. Enjoy!

Still not convinced you should get a mechanical keyboard? In case you are wondering, the video you are watching is a CM Quickfire Pro video. This keyboard has blue keys and as you can tell, is very clicky. Please do not mind the slow typing speed. I find it a little hard to type when I am thinking fast on my feet about this review.

Usually if I am talking to my friends I can type much faster. If you are wondering why I am so slow, you try typing with a camera between your hands. It is not easy. The setup isn’t the best but this is pretty much what you sill see and get with this keyboard.

I hope you have enjoyed this two minute video. Have a good day! Naoko signing out.