[Food] Making some energy ballz

So am on a cooking kick. I want to cook and make stuff. Then I was shown this recipe by Ganaesh, and well, I decided to give it a try.

Three items, but I substituted the cranberries for mixed choco chips, and the bananas for water. Both were because I preferred something crunchy over mush and not a fan of bananas.

This was what it looked like in the bowl:

Bowl of unmixed oatmeal, choco chips and peanut butter

I used a rough 1:1 measure for the oats and peanut butter. By this I mean 300gm of uncooked oats to 3 tablespoons of peanut butter. Then I began to mix. I found using a spoon to be quite ineffective, so I switched to hands instead. The process went MUCH faster after that.

Mixed with some water

The recipe said that if I wanted to substitute the bananas, I could add a few teaspoons of water. Which I did. Once you work the tiny addition of water into the mixture, it’s time to firm them up.

Seven balls, in a smiley face

So now that they were done, it was time to toss them into the fridge. The recommendation is to leave them in there overnight, but I did just have one after they were in for about 2 hours, and it was delicious as a snack. I will probably need to make more over the weekend. This is delicious.

[Poem] Time Leaves A Scar

Time leaves a scar
Memories of a passing mortality
Skins wrinkle, senses fade
We disappear into nothingness

Sentience is but a curse
Life is but a dream
This reality is all we have
So realities we have to make.

A step forward
A hesitant move
Time presses on
Invisible but for its presence.

We strive
Only to survive
Yet in that simple act
We ensure immortality.

Some win immortality through words
Some win immortality through deeds
Some are proof of immortality
Fruits of a mixed gene.

Time leaves a scar
Traces of a fragile immortality
Our actions shape everything
A butterfly may cause a storm.

[Copywriter's Chronicles] Dun bluff wei

Keeyong: It’s near Pudu Jail (referring to this)

Me: Yeah, that’s where all the dead bodies are.

The Godfather: *wide eyes, terrified look on face* Dun bluff wei.

[Ian]: Dead bodies?

Me: From Pudu Jail.

The Godfather: Dun bluff wei. Dun bluff. *the look on his face was priceless*

Why do I write, 2014 thoughts

Karcy had a very interesting question the other day. She asked on Facebook, why do the artists on her friends list create?

For me, the art of creation is what keeps me sane. Writing keeps me sane, keeps me alive, keeps me grounded, in a sense. Several years ago, after being out of a job for about 10 months, I began to work full time again. (My venture into freelance is something I’m still highly embarrassed about, mainly because it’s due to my own inadequacies, but that’s a topic for another day).

So when I started working again, I went into social media. It was what I was hired for, what my skillset then was good at. And in the business of it all, I neglected to write. As in write longform, stringing together words to make sentences to turn into essays. I began job-hopping. Then I finally ended up where I am working now, and still I didn’t write.

It took almost 18 months and the realisation I was slipping into depression before I began to take up the pen again. I could write, it seems during Nannowrimo, but I was afraid to write any other time. The sense of failure had resulted in fear, and I was truly afraid that I would fail again.

I tried all sorts of way to write. It wasn’t until this year, when I started submitting stories, that I really felt right about writing. It’s not an indulgent thing, to want to write because I want to. It’s not a matter of bragging about my skills. I’m not an imposter who’s lucky enough to string words together.

I write because I want to live.

And that’s all that matters.

Story: The Fox’s Wedding

Inspired by:

Dance dance dance dance dance
The foxes dance along the path
Sing sing sing as the rains fall
Dance among the scattered sunlight

Ah ah ah!
The foxes dance and jump
Ah ah ah
There’s a racket up ahead!

Who who who
Is it that disturbs the foxes dance?
See see see!
The humans coming up the torii path

Noisy noisy noisy!
These humans are noisy
But but but!
See who it is they carry

Watch from the leaves
See how they march
In line, in step,
Ah, what a harsh rhythm!

Wait what is that I smell
Oh what a delicious smell
Ah my desire is rising
Where is that smell coming from?

Oh oh oh!
There it comes
In that box the humans carry
The sweet, desirous smell emanates from there.

Ah how delicious, how tempting that smell is
Must must I have it
Humans humans stand not in my way
Ah ah I want to bite into that sweet smell

Nip nip nip!
A bite here, quick as light!
Kill kill kill
All these humans in my way!

A cry, a whine, a scream
What is in this box the humans have dropped
I growl and snarl at the human before the box
Then he too, dies.

The smell ah how tempting
It comes from inside the box
I sniff sniff the fragrance
Ah, is it a human woman?

Soon the tears stop
“Who is there?” You ask
No one answers, but I
Stand beside the box.

Oh, so it’s a curtain door!
And a delicate female hand appears
Ah, I can smell it so clearly now.
What a delicious, innocent, fragrant scent!

I clean myself
Wipe my lips, and my paws
From the blood of the human males
As the maiden steps out.

“No!” a fervent shout
The maiden rushes to the human I’ve bitten
She cries over his corpse
Ah, intoxicating, this maiden is.

Yip yip yip
Will you not look at my poor, sad state
She turns and sees me, “You poor thing!”

I bow before her
Long black hair, white skin, such a scent
So innocent, so young, so tempting
Ah, this is what a human bloom is like!

She comes towards me, and opens her arms
I jump up and she catches me
Against her chest, I lie, my ears against her breasts
Her heart beats fast, but her voice is steady.

“Knowst thou who thus did this?”
She speaks like those in the stone walls and perfumed halls does
I yip no in response, she shakes her head sorrowfully
“They will pay for this.”

A branch breaks
She turns in fear
I see my companion
But then she runs.

Up up up the stairs we go.
She carries me so easily
I do not struggle
She is out of breath when we reach the top

“Help help help!
My guards are slain
I fear more attacks
Help help help!”

She pleads at the top of the stairs
Here, there are more humans
Some with umbrellas
Some smelling wet

“Princess, come come, put that animal down
We have prepared a place for thee and thy groom
Come come come with us
This auspicious day must not go to waste.”

“How can thoust expect me to marry
When my guards have been slain!
There is a murderer here
Find him or I’ll not wed!”

She holds me close
Ah, that I might drown
Such a delicious scent
I can only wonder how her skin tastes.

They usher us in
I can see the hairless male look at me
We go to a large, bright room
Where there are more women

“Princess, princess, come ready you must be
Tis today an auspicious day
The Priests have arranged everything
And such a thing cannot interrupt!”

She puts me down
I find a spot to watch her
They fuss around her, removing her clothes, then putting it on again
Her skin’s as white as snow

“Princess, close your eyes,”
And then they make her whiter still
Her long hair they unbind, then bind again
Many women attend to her.

A covered face, and then red lips
The women are satisfied
The maiden looks up with wide eyes
Then exclaims at her own reflection

“No delay no delay! Go we must!”
She does not get up
“Leave me, but for a moment
I needs must prepare my mind.”

They close the door behind
And she turns to me.
“I see you for what you are
You have killed my honour guard.”

I yip in protest, but she ignores me.
“This wedding I do not want
This life I cannot have
Kill me.”

Her words are determined, resolute
She opens her robe, to show her delicate white skin
Then holds out her hand

I go to her.
Then I lick her hand
She is delicious, incredibly so.
Even with that white powder,
She is intoxicating.

I step to her chest
And then lick her chest
A taste of sweat, and ah, what heaven!
I awaken.

Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

SEMI-SPOILERY things ahead? You have been warned!

Movie Poster  from HypableMovie Poster from Hypable

It’s an adorable movie. Not only that, but I’m amazed at how much story it manages to cram within the 90 minutes it had. And there’s just too many feelings I have about this movie… Continue reading

Am I happy? (and yes, Chapters 2 coming soon!)

Am I happy?

A friend asked me what my goal was, and asked if I was happy.

I think I can answer this the same as I answered her then.

I am happy now. I’m not satisfied with all aspects of my life, but I’m happy where I am now. Career wise, friends wise. Perhaps even relationship wise. I’m happy being single. I’m being me, and for me, at this moment, it is adequate. I am learning to be comfortable in my own skin again. Learning to live for myself.

Still so much to improve. So many things to fix. So many goals to reach.

Life is a journey. At this point, I’m happy where my road is. I’m learning new things about myself every day (such as it takes me at least 2-3 false starts before I really get cracking on something) and that I’m horrible when I’m HANGRY. My body’s undergoing changes too, and it’s fitting the life I want to live.

So more good food, more exercise, and most importantly, more sleep. That’s one of the few aspects of my life that I can improve on right now, and which I intend to. With that, good night.

Prose-ACK! Quick Update and a new fic!

Quick Prose-ACK CAFKL Update: Thank you to everyone who came and bought our books! They’re all sold out. :) Chapters 2 will be published by end of this week, I still need to clean some bits out. Thank you very much for your support!

And as a tiny bonus, here’s a quick ficlet I did for the 15-Minute Ficlet challenge on Dreamwidth: Continue reading

Chapters 1 Goes On Sale @CAFKL

Chapters 1: Shorts by Naoko Kensaku

Chapters 1: Shorts by Naoko Kensaku

UWAA its happening! Chapters 1: Shorts by Naoko Kensaku, aka my first doujin, goes on sale tomorrow at the Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur. It’s a compilation of Chapters 1 from the following projects:

  • Arista
    A woman and a teenager have a conversation at a bus stop.
  • Suara
    Chased by wolves, Suara fights for her survival.
  • Shakti
    Sometimes you remember more than you want to.
  • Evgenia
    Picking up the burden of Kingship was never easy.
  • Breaking Things Apart
    Who knew a name change would be so difficult?

Stories range from sci-fi to fantasy. Each copy is RM6. If you purchase Tales Of Vaticanny Palace, written by my booth partner DMJewelle, the total will be RM10! We’re Prose-ACK at B17:

Prose-ACK Booth at B17, CAFKL

Prose-ACK Booth at B17, CAFKL

Do drop by and support us! Plus, buy both books and get a random fortune! Samples here.