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[Review] Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

Silkygirl Matte Junkie bottle
My first lip cream aka matte lipstick: Silkygirl’s Matte Junkie Lip Cream 04 Vintage!

So I’ve been coveting the Silkygirl Matte Junkie lip cream for a while now. The blame for this falls solely on Tenta, because she showed me a very gorgeous swatch and I’ve been wanting them ever since.

But that’s only half the story. You see, Silkygirl released the Matte Junkie range at the end of April 2016 (yes, it’s that recent). The range had two striking shade groups: reds and nudes. There were three nude-toned shades: Retro, Vintage and Glamour. Of the three, Vintage was the most popular.

Matte Junkie Lip Cream 04 Vintage from the Silkygirl Website
Look at those lips aren’t they gorgeous???

In less than a week, Vintage was completely sold out. It was so popular, I had problems finding even the testers for it! According to a source, Silkygirl underestimated the popularity of the shade. Subsequently, even Retro and Glamour soon disappeared off the shelves.

Till last week. I received word that Vintage was coming back into stores and of course I had to get my hands on them! At Watson’s, they currently enjoy a small discount so it’s rm19 instead of the usual 21.

Matte Junkie Review

Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Polish in Vintage
As you can tell, it’s a standard-sized bottle. Easy to carry around and fuss-free. The magic happens when you open it.

Wet swatch
This is what happens when you swatch it wet. Dries very quickly (think 2 mins or less) and sets really well.

Dry Swatch
I accidentally rubbed over the wet piece, hence the trail. But as you can tell, it’s dried off to a nice pink. Once dried, it DOESN’T TRANSFER. It stays on your lips (with a caveat, see below). But yes, it IS transfer-proof and kiss-proof hehe.

Final look
It’s really easy to apply. I find putting on a bit of lip liner works to keep the lines in check but even without the lip liner it still goes on smoothly. Trivia: I bought my lip liner from Silkygirl MONTHS ago, it’s a happy coincidence.

The brush
My favourite part of the entire process though, is the doe foot applicator. It’s just so much fun to apply! I don’t know why, but I adore putting the colour on my lips because of this applicator. The applicator is soft and picks up enough product to line your lips.

Matte Junkie Caveats

As much as I love the pigmentation and colour payoff, this is still a matte lipstick. That means it WILL dry your lips out. You should be prepping your lips before wearing this; exfoliate first (I rub my lips with a very old and soft toothbrush) then apply lip balm. Leave on for a few minutes, then wipe off excess and apply the lip cream. Your lips will thank you.

Oily foods are the nemesis of this lip cream. If you’re eating oily food, expect to reapply afterwards, or just wipe the colour off. Repeat lipbalm step above.

Final Matte Junkie thoughts

As you can tell, I really love this lip cream. It glides on easily, is a colour that I like, and fits me very well! However, lip balms are a must and oily foods will affect its staying power. I’ve been wearing this as a daily colour since I got it, and bar the oily food, it remains in place for several solid hours (longest I’ve gone is 4 hours for now, because after that I had KFC :P).

[Geekery] Backspace not working in Chrome?

Go Back With Backspace Chrome Extension
Go Back With Backspace Chrome Extension

Just download this extension to get it fixed! Yes, the extension is legit. The page tells me it’s created by Google, so it should be safe.

That said, I’m among the large subset of users who do actually use the Backspace button to go back, and I admit I rely on the Are you sure you want to leave the page? Data may not have been saved” message to tell me I’m leaving the form I’m working on.

I know there are people who have lost data because of this backspace issue, but I find it really stupid that there has to be an extension for this in the first place. Also note that while this should fix most of your backspace not working issues caused by Chrome, there are some pages where it fails. Still, it’s a “solution” to a problem that should not have existed in the first place.

[Health] Longest sick bout so far

I’ve never been this sick for this long before.

Been battling a really bad flu and cough for the past two weeks. It culminated in a high fever (for me) of 39°C last Thursday, though since the doc gave me antibiotics my temperature has been going down. I suspect that my first bout during that first week was viral fever, and then I somehow got reinfected the following week with something else. Either way, I can sleep better now; I’m not coughing myself half to death like I was the past few nights.

Hopefully this means I’ll be back to normal by Monday. I hate being sick. /whine

[Quickie] Suicide Squad Review

TL;DR: 4/10
Summary: An ok movie. Underwhelming given the hype. Wasted casting.

There’s a reason why this review has a trailer instead of the image most of you know me for. The answer is this: I would prefer rewatch the trailer instead of watching the movie, even if you paid me to rewatch the latter.


The cast, the crew, the SETTING of the entire movie? FULL POINTS. I enjoyed seeing all the characters, enjoyed the costumes, the setting of the sets. They’re the reason why this movie is a 4/10 (aka 2/5). The actors were so on point in their roles, I can’t really divorce them from their players now.

I expected to love Harley, but I didn’t expect to love her this much. She’s so batshit insane.

Deadshot? Quite alright. And Will Smith is pretty good at this.

Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc and Enchantress? Could have used more touches. So could Slipknot and Katana.

Amanda Waller? She’s here and there, but I think that’s more of the script, and less of the actress. There were some very out of character lines. @.@

What I didn’t expect? Holy crap EL DIABLO. He’s the surprise scene stealer.

Flag had no on-screen presence. Next to everyone else he’s kinda… not there.

The Joker. ARGH this annoys me so much. You can sense there’s so many things between him and Harley and yet NONE of them are alluded to. NONE are even shown. There’s a huge disconnect between the flashbacks and how he acts that it’s maddening. And not in a good way (this section alone would have given the movie a R-rating, and you know what? They should have!).

Which brings me to the point of why the movie just flops for me:

What the hell was that excuse of a plot? It feels like the characters were being pushed into places they had to go because “they have to.” Like a bad fanfic writer trying to do a self-insert and deciding not to because it’d be too embarrassing, but yet not really understanding how to write.

Case in point: Final battle sequence. Why in the world would anyone have followed Flag after he gave them their freedom? Two characters definitely had motivation, but the others… is there any reason for them to?

Flag calls himself a soldier but the way he follows orders is so… @.@ his character is contradictory (and not in a good way).

We never got an explanation for how the main villain managed to delay dying. Except vampirism of some weird sort.

And these are just the spoiler-free versions. The worst part of it? You can tell there was so much more. Each of the actors were very much in character (except Flag) but what they portrayed didn’t fit what the story wanted, and it shows. It really shows.

And yes, this part I will spoil you: A lot of what you see in that trailer? Never made the final cut. Which leads me to think it’s probably the fault of Without Balls (aka WB). Ayers is not an incompetent director and that makes me think the studio probably didn’t have the guts to let him release the version he intended.

Hey WB, a word of advice. When you let your middle managers tell you taking a risk is a bad thing, despite the hype of the fans, this is how you kill your own business. I wanted to watch Suicide Squad with the Joker probably going all demented on them. Getting your lame attempt at a McGuffin? Way to kill someone else’s career because you can’t, in Harley’s words, “Own your shit.”

Oh, and yes, I think it’s definitely studio interference. Here, have a Reddit mention of the novelisation (I would have expected some minor differences but not this much):

… Damn you.

[Quickie] Pokémon Go has finally launched in Malaysia!

Krabby from Pokémon Go Yes, it has, at last! There’s plenty written on the Net about how to play Pokémon Go so I won’t repeat them, but if you are planning to play in Malaysia, here’s some things you should know:

  • If you’re bored, or in need of a ride, jump on a Pokémobile ride via local ride-sharing service Grab to your next Pokéstop! Rides come with some fairly fun goodies
  • Hotlink, a local prepaid telco, has also launched some great promotions. Hotlink customers will get a 10% discount on all Pokémon Go in-app purchases via Hotlink Cash Online
  • Local Ingress players will have a slight advantage. Majority of local portals, especially Na Tuk Gongs, are Pokestops

Personally, I am expecting Digi and Celcom to also attempt to cash in on the Pokemon Go craze. Hotlink has obviously claimed team Valor for themselves (both are red) which means Digi should be Instinct and Celcom Mystic. It’s interesting how all three colours are the colours of the biggest telcos in Malaysia, aren’t they…..