[Dreams] Of Real Life and Heat

Picture by esc861 on Flickr Things I have learnt today: If I am sleeping badly due to the heat, I tend to sleep shorter, but have much more intense dreams. Dreams that half-rooted in reality, and taken strongly from the day’s events. Last night’s dream was one of those. I slept like a baby, awakening […]

[Dreams] Of Abductions

It’s confirmed, heat makes me get weird dreams. That and slight dehydration. This was one of those dreams that began with me not being myself. There had been a story for the past few years, a sort of myth that had been going around. Women and girls who were alone on the train or anywhere […]

Weird Dreams

So, am not stranger to having weird dreams. Been having them the past few weeks. On and off I’d get some random, lucid dream just before I’m due to wake up. Some of them were dreams caused by the alarm; my phone starts beeping very gently before my actual wake up time. Others I have […]

[Dreams] Back in Japan

I was back in Japan. Only this time I was completely alone. It wasn’t so bad. I didn’t feel lost or in danger or anything. I wanted to move from one place to another. It started from my hostel. I ended up near Kyoto Station. As I was near Kyoto Station it occurred to me […]

[Dreams] Of blood and Bersih

Had a dream where they opened a clinic which would pay you for donating blood. Dreamt that they opened two lines; one to donate blood, the other to count how many people wanted clean and fair elections. I couldn’t see the end of the second line.