[Shorts] Coconuts

The beach was silent and empty that night. Not even the whisper of a wave intruded on his senses. The wind reached out to caress him, but he ignored her siren song. Today he would not dance. Today he could not. Still he heard the ring of her bells. On her feet. The way she […]


It was going to be one of those days, Illyra decided as she woke up to the sound of pouring rain and thundering skies, that would be better spent in the library than in studies. “Illyra?” the door to her room opened. Illyra shut her eyes closed tight; a few more hours in the soft […]

[Prompt] Dragon Dances

Dancing Snake Lady from the book, Manga Matrix Needed some inspiration to kickstart the writing juices the other day, so got Nick and Des to give me random numbers. This is the first page, second one’s coming a bit later. Let’s see if this will be a story…

Story: The Fox’s Wedding

Inspired by: Dance dance dance dance dance The foxes dance along the path Sing sing sing as the rains fall Dance among the scattered sunlight Ah ah ah! The foxes dance and jump Ah ah ah There’s a racket up ahead! Who who who Is it that disturbs the foxes dance? See see see! The […]