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[Geekery] Backspace not working in Chrome?

Go Back With Backspace Chrome Extension
Go Back With Backspace Chrome Extension

Just download this extension to get it fixed! Yes, the extension is legit. The page tells me it’s created by Google, so it should be safe.

That said, I’m among the large subset of users who do actually use the Backspace button to go back, and I admit I rely on the Are you sure you want to leave the page? Data may not have been saved” message to tell me I’m leaving the form I’m working on.

I know there are people who have lost data because of this backspace issue, but I find it really stupid that there has to be an extension for this in the first place. Also note that while this should fix most of your backspace not working issues caused by Chrome, there are some pages where it fails. Still, it’s a “solution” to a problem that should not have existed in the first place.

[Quickie] Pokémon Go has finally launched in Malaysia!

Krabby from Pokémon Go Yes, it has, at last! There’s plenty written on the Net about how to play Pokémon Go so I won’t repeat them, but if you are planning to play in Malaysia, here’s some things you should know:

  • If you’re bored, or in need of a ride, jump on a Pokémobile ride via local ride-sharing service Grab to your next Pokéstop! Rides come with some fairly fun goodies
  • Hotlink, a local prepaid telco, has also launched some great promotions. Hotlink customers will get a 10% discount on all Pokémon Go in-app purchases via Hotlink Cash Online
  • Local Ingress players will have a slight advantage. Majority of local portals, especially Na Tuk Gongs, are Pokestops

Personally, I am expecting Digi and Celcom to also attempt to cash in on the Pokemon Go craze. Hotlink has obviously claimed team Valor for themselves (both are red) which means Digi should be Instinct and Celcom Mystic. It’s interesting how all three colours are the colours of the biggest telcos in Malaysia, aren’t they…..

Distracted by Path of Exile

Path of Exile

I’m alive! Or so it may not matter, if you haven’t been by the blog recently. Things have been, as they are apt to be at the end of the month, simply nuts.

That, and I kind of got swallowed by Path of Exile.

It’s a game very much in the vein of Diablo, if you’ve played it. Unlike Diablo though, the story feels more interesting to me, and the character you play does have an impact on the dialogue other characters have with you.

I actually started a Patreon for this, thinking to document my journey. Within three weeks that got shot to hell because I tend to be playing faster than I’m writing. What I do have are impressions, so I’ll probably concentrate on that more.

On one hand, I finally killed Malachai (yay!) but it was a tough fight. Urgh. Not quite looking forward to the fact that I’ll need to go through him a second time to get to Merciless. In terms of loot and storytelling, that’s where I’ll need to go next, says the boyfriend.

Which brings me to something I find really interesting. Path of Exile’s lore is depicted in conversations (as you might expect) graffiti, and even random notebooks and the like here and there. What I find interesting is how the same NPCs can say completely different things to your characters, simply based on what class you’re playing.

Yes, I know there are other games that are more decision based, but one of the things I like about PoE is the straightforward, linear storytelling. There’s no real room for deviation, only what build your character is. Also discovering uniques is fun. Quite a bit of story unfolds with them.

With that, back to game!

PS: I don’t play the Garena version which is what Malaysia’s officially on. I’m playing on the Grinding Gear Games official client. Faster updates.

[Quickie] Motorola Modular Phone

Android Authority News Flash: MotoMods

A video posted by Android Authority (@androidauthority) on

I should really start getting ready to go to work, but I couldn’t stop and stare at this. The new Motorola Z is MODULAR! That means you can add things to it to enhance the functionality of the phone, such as a camera module, battery module, and so much more. From the video by Android Authority above, you can see how it simply snaps on and is held by very strong magnets.

This is exciting! It’s closer to Project Ara than LG G5’s friends was (sorry LG) and for once, I actually approve of a thin-designed phone (I hate them cause usually they’re too thin and weightless for me). The new Moto Zs (video from Bawang’s Twitter feed, who has more photos, go see!) have a very nice back design, so you can go without the mods if you don’t want to (though the question is, why would you?).

This is far better than the design LG proposed, and it seems to be much more well-thought out (yes I know they came from Project Tango/Ara and thus this is not a surprise). I can’t wait to see what else Lenovo has in store, and I’m really hoping for the magnetic modular trend to pick up and set developers on FIRE because Motorola’s magnets looks like something that can be standardised easier than LG’s “plug into phone battery slot” design.

Onwards and upwards to modular design!

PS: Bawang I’m jelly you got to go! :p


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