What happens to Adsense when you write a super popular post

Adsense payment on hold notif

So a few days ago, I wrote a post about Tuber Simulator. The idea was very simple: to capitalise on a what I thought was an opportunity to score some clicks and drive traffic to the blog. At the most, I’d make a few cents.

What I did not expect was Adsense to tell me that my payment on hold. This amuses me for the following reasons:

  • I am nowhere near the payment threshold.
    Min payment is USD100. I’ve not even made USD 5!

  • My website kept going down
    This has nothing to do with the amount of traffic I’m getting, which is to say, decent. However, I was testing a few things on a different domain, and that led to frequent timeouts (story for another post).

  • I should have expected this
    But I completely forgot about it. xD

I think what’s happened is that my account is being investigated due to unusually high traffic. I admit I didn’t expect this to happen when I started that SEO experiment. My biggest hope now is that this will not lead my Adsense account being banned. That would just be tragic.

What is blu the little blue plushie from tuber simulator?

Blu the little blue plushie from Tuber Simulator

Blu is that little guy you see in the screenshot. Yes, that rabbit plushie thing. If you’re here only for the “blu the little blue plushie” quest, good luck and have fun in Tuber Simulator!

And hello to everyone else who stayed and read beyond that first line. Yes, I’m playing Tuber Simulator by PewDiePie. Started playing it when BasicShep, Ashentric and Silvennia mentioned it in the group chat and found myself fascinated a few minutes later. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a famous content creator aka YouTuber… you’ve come to the right place.

Tuber Simulator, as you can tell, is a “clicker” type of game. If you’ve played stuff like Tiny Tower, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. It is, as PennyArcade points out, a simple and charming game, but it’s best played in small bursts. Like most other clickers, your biggest investments will be in the first three hours; afterwards things take quite a bit of time to happen, so you can put your phone down and do something else.

One of the things I found most amusing and true to life was how outrageous the video names got. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDS was, for a short time, the most popular video on my list (it hit two of the trending genres of the time, so it was no surprise), which was quickly supplanted by of all things..

Midget Pawn.

Yes, that pun is cute but it also speaks to those who’ve created Youtube channels etc with the hope of making it big. It reminds me a lot of what I would imagine the beginning life of a Youtube tech reviewer or someone similar to be; you create a lot of random Youtube videos with the hope of finding that ONE thing that distinguishes you from the rest, you use everything (including your dog, which is one way to get boosts in the game), waiting to get things delivered and then trying to make cash the best way you can.

Is it going to stay on my phone? Maybe for the next few weeks cause I do want something to play when I have no Internet connection, but it will probably go along the way of Tiny Tower in a month or so.

So play it while you can and people can still add you as friends. Mine’s Sionna, by the way. :p

[Geekiness] 24 Hours with Google Allo

Google Allo Logo from the Play Store

‘Allo! Have you met Google Allo yet?

In case you haven’t heard, Allo is Google’s WhatsApp killer. Probably a little bit of Facebook’s Messenger too but I digress.

If you want to know more, you can check out Android Authority’s extensive coverage. They’ve done a really good job of highlighting the headline features of Allo and how to use them.

So, how has my 24 hours with Allo been?

Quiet, to say the least. There’s a very simple reason for this: I don’t have a lot of people who are on Allo. Part of this is because Allo is not very widely available, no matter what you read online. If you’re in Malaysia (and I suspect the greater part of South East Asia and beyond), you can only register to be notified on the Google Play Store when it’s available.

Still, the Bear (who’s a Google Fanboy as I am Fangirl) and I have been having fun with Allo. The stickers are cute and adorable, I love being able to shout instead of typing in ALL caps and whisper when I want to, but most of all, I love how it’s integrated movie listings when we talk about movies.

I admit, I did not realise how much I enjoy doodling on pics as much as I do until I had Allo.

That said, it does have a few flaws. I hesitate to use the word “flaw” though, since what I think are flaws can be perceived as preferences by others.

No desktop equivalent

Part of the reason why I love Hangouts so much is because it syncs seamlessly between desktop and mobile. It’s even better than WhatsApp in this respect; the latter requires the phone to have a connection to show your messages, but Hangouts doesn’t. Allo doesn’t have this, so it’s limited to a purely phone experience for now.

Images take up the entire screen

I send the bear a lot of screenshots because Allo’s auto-replies are a delight to behold. However, this can be confusing, because it looks like it’s part of the app. Plus, the thumbnails don’t indicate the part of the image I want to draw attention to – perhaps an option to crop or better delineation of the image would be improve things.

Profile photo requirement

I didn’t like that during registration, the camera was switched on and I was to take a selfie. Not quite the way I envisioned it to work.

Slow Release

It’s not an international release. I’ve seen people in the UK saying that they haven’t been able to download it, which tells you enough about their priorities. My biggest worry is that because of this, interest in Allo dies quickly and we will never see it get enough traction to defeat WhatsApp.

But as I mentioned earlier, there are things I love adore about Allo. And they far outweigh the cons (except for not having enough users, that’s something that needs to be fixed).

Auto-replies OMG

Suffice to say, I’ve been using Google keyboard and other Google products a LOT. It’s anticipated a LOT of my responses to the bear, which has made communicating easier and lazier for me. :P Still, I hope to see it be able to differentiate between lover and friend (ahem!).


Yes, this seems to have been lifted straight from Line, but I do like how it gets the point across. Might need a search function but we’ll see.

Doodling on images? Much fun, very LOL

Suffice to say, it’s fun. No I’m not going to show that to you.

Google Assistant is quite helpful

She’s quite good so far at picking up things we’re searching for and showing the results to us. Have yet to try the food ideas, that’s going to be a hoot this weekend.

Youtube integration

I like how if I click on a Youtube link in the chat, the video plays INSIDE the app instead of launching the Youtube app. Very nice.

In terms of functionality, there’s a LOT about Allo that I really love. I think it’s unique and it stands out pretty well in the messaging app scene. What I do find annoying about some of its users are those who insist on turning it into a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger clone. Dude, you do NOT need Gif support. Seriously, that’s really juvenile.

You also don’t need to name mentions in a group chat. I hate that they introduced that in WhatsApp. It’s my most hated feature. Really, I muted the chat for a reason, I don’t need a spammer “acquaintance” suddenly adding me to a group and spamming my name (think Instagram random mentions and you’ll know what I mean).

Also, people who complain about it being activated on multiple devices have probably never used LINE, who started this craze. But please don’t let my bitterness stop you. Go play with Allo. And here’s the APK, if you need it. It’s now available for all!

[Quickie] CM Storm Trigger Typing Test

As you can tell, I have a new toy! For our anniversary this year, the bear presented me with a CM Storm Trigger keyboard. It was on sale at Ultimate Zone and I had been lusting for a fully-lit keyboard for months now. The keys are Cherry MX brown. If you wanna know what I wrote, continue reading.

This is a quick typing test for the Cm Storm Trigger keyboard. As you can tell, it is far quieter than my CM Quickfire Pro. This is of course, mainly because this is a Cherry MX Brown switch instead of a Blue. I notice though, that the travel for this is significantly longer than my Quickfire, so getting used to the travel is something that I think I’ll have to practice in quite a bit. It’s the same as my Quickfire all over again; I have to look at the keyboard to type instead of simply typing by looking at the screen.

Got this on offer from the Ultimate Zone store in Jaya One. It was a pretty good deal too; RM299 for this model. The main reason I was gifted this by the BF was because I’ve been hankering over a fully backlit keyboard for quite some time now. He decided to surprise me with this since it was our anniversary. How do I like this keyboard so far?

Well, as you can tell it’s much quieter than my Quickfire. It’s also got quite a few unusual quirks. For instance, to use the Windows key as it was intended, I actually needed to download the CM trigger program and then remap the key. That was quite an odd thing to do. Another thing is that there’s no way to press the Function key once and have it activated till it’s turned off. This was what I used to do with my Quickfire, and not having this is kind of throwing me off. I actually have to press and hold the Alt Macro key to do this, but it’s something minor. Most likely muscle memory will take care of it in a bit.

And that’s it for my initial review of the CM Trigger. Have a thought or opinion? Leave a comment below and let me know!

[Geekery] Backspace not working in Chrome?

Go Back With Backspace Chrome Extension
Go Back With Backspace Chrome Extension

Just download this extension to get it fixed! Yes, the extension is legit. The page tells me it’s created by Google, so it should be safe.

That said, I’m among the large subset of users who do actually use the Backspace button to go back, and I admit I rely on the Are you sure you want to leave the page? Data may not have been saved” message to tell me I’m leaving the form I’m working on.

I know there are people who have lost data because of this backspace issue, but I find it really stupid that there has to be an extension for this in the first place. Also note that while this should fix most of your backspace not working issues caused by Chrome, there are some pages where it fails. Still, it’s a “solution” to a problem that should not have existed in the first place.