Red lips, red lips~

Over the weekend, the bear and me went to Midvalley for the Maybank Treats Fair. However, this is not an entry about that Fair. Rather, it’s about Shisedo’s slogan for their new range of lipsticks. Red the first color. While their website indicates that this is a throwback towards Shiseido’s history, I would like to […]

[Quickie] Jungle Book 2016

Look for the~ Bare necessities~ The simple bare necessities~ Forget about your worries and your strife~ TL;DR: 9.5/10, would watch again, completely enjoyed it, might be worth a watch in 3D. As you can tell, I really liked the new Jungle Book. It was a fun romp, and one that I would be glad to […]

Google Docs for writers

Inserting Links the lazy way in Google Docs. Gif from Tech Crunch I love the Google Docs Office Suite. I rarely use the collaborative tools (that’s changing now thanks to Prose-ACK! and Pulp Toast) but I use Docs often to write my blog posts, edit scripts and write my novels. Last week, I found a […]

[Weekly Report] Stashes

I originally had a blog entry about migrating from Windows 10 32-bit to 64-bit planned, but that is kinda shot for the time being, mainly because I am too tired to write it. That was supposed to be my weekly update on last Thursday, but as you can tell, I’m still trying to get into […]