2017 New Year Reflections

Serious Bunny wishes you a Happy New Year

I originally wanted to write something uplifting or even talk about my resolutions today, but after the events of the past 48 hours, I’m beginning to believe Rin’s statement that the New Year doesn’t really reset anything for Asians until the Lunar New Year aka CNY.

So, what happened since the calendars were switched to 2017?

The Good
  • I had a great countdown with the Creed in HCM, even if fireworks didn’t happen
  • I had a good porky Burger King at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport before my flight
  • Finally managed to try out the famous Taman Desa Japanese BBQ – portions were bigger than expected and I was stuffed by the end of the meal
  • Dim sum breakfast with mom!
The Bad
  • Got into a minor accident on the way home from lunch – I took my foot off the brake and hit the car at my side. It just had to be a Hilux. Guy seems determined to get money from me, so we shall see when I will get the bill.
  • Flight home was delayed by 100 minutes aka almost 2 hours. I ended up writing on the way back, so it’s a positive actually
The Accomplishments

The rest of 2017? Still working on it. :D

2016: A Review and Goodbye

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I am glad that 2016 will be over soon.

I wouldn’t even call it a balanced year. While there were some spots of light, there were many more dark moments. 2016 is like that sarcastic uncle you always wanted to punch – a man who makes a spectacle simply because he can. Sometimes he does good deeds, but for most part you just want to rip him a new one. Continue reading

Red lips, red lips~

Over the weekend, the bear and me went to Midvalley for the Maybank Treats Fair. However, this is not an entry about that Fair.

Rather, it’s about Shisedo’s slogan for their new range of lipsticks.

Red the first color.

While their website indicates that this is a throwback towards Shiseido’s history, I would like to think that it means the first colour seen on a human being besides their skin tone.

Red, the colour of blood.

Passion, heat, intensity. In most of human culture, lips were almost always painted red. Not blue, not brown, but red.

It’s a vibrant colour, stark against the colour of our skin. It’s attention-grabbing. It’s unsubtle. It’s powerful.

Red, the lip.

I love having red lips. There’s something incredibly strong about such a colour. I love especially, wearing them on my lips. I wear them though, not for others, but for myself. It is a silent affirmation, a subtle reminder. My words are my own, but when I speak, how they are received, depends on how I deliver them.

And that pretty much reminds me of my job as a copywriter.

Having my painted lips is a form of armour. A silent reminder to stand firm. To speak clearly. And to carry myself with confidence. To remember that I chose to wear this face. That I have control.

A control I need to exercise more often.

[Weekly Update] Oops late!


Where are we going?

Today’s going to be a rather brief update. Work has pretty much swallowed my brain, and I’d like to keep some brain cells for my fiction. So today’s weekly update covers:

  • Joseph Campbell, he of “The Hero’s Journey”
    Mythology has always been one of my loves and the way he explains how culture, mythology, and religion intersect is mindblowing. It’s the difference between listening and feeling it in the gut, as opposed to the head.

  • Moon Prism Makeup!
    Eh, not actually, but close. Thanks to the smog, I’ve started to experiment with foundation to protect my face. So far, it seems to be helping with the minibreakout I had, but it’s still early days.

  • Spending time with people I care about
    Had great dinners over the past few weeks; from dinners with jie to the tenta to mom’s birthday to an old friend I haven’t spoken to in years. It was a good week to socialise.

  • Took over dad’s phone
    The USB port for the Z1 took off, so I switched to dad’s OP2. I’d rather have my dad back.

  • No rushing around
    This week is comparatively quiet compared to the madness of the last few weeks. Nuff said.

Weekly Update: Exhaustion

Cheras Christian Cemetery Skyline
A view from my father’s forever resting place.

The past two weeks have been hectic, to say the least.

On 15 February, I started working at my new job. It was actually quite interesting and very refreshing, but I didn’t really have any time to write because I was adjusting to a completely new routine and possible lifestyle. I think I mentioned too, that I was looking to renovate my house.

By Wednesday afternoon, everything fell apart.

My father passed away.*

I rushed home as soon as mom called me that first time, but by the time I hit the final LRT station, I received news that my father was no more. Thank the Goddess for things to do; I had to focus on getting to my car, then driving it, and then finding my mother. After a moment’s grief, I did exactly that.

I burst into tears when I saw my mother because her grief was so overwhelming, so strong. I remember hugging her and crying with her, not because I had lost a father but because my mother had lost a husband.

Even as I am writing this now, I think I went through the five stages of grief relatively quickly. I know I was furious that afternoon, but it was one that I didn’t linger too much on. There was bargaining, denial, and sometimes depression, but I remember denial was the reaction I dealt with the most, simply because my throat would choke each time I had to call someone to tell them my father was gone.

I don’t know if I’ve hit the acceptance stage or not. It seems surreal. Thanks to work, dealing with people for the seven day prayers and just a BURST OF ACTIVITY, I haven’t really had time to feel anything more than simply exhaustion.

Physical exhaustion from walking 20 minutes a day to the LRT station and back to the office (this is just me whining about the choice I made to do so; there are other, less strenuous ways to get to work but this was what I chose). Mental emotion because work is stretching me in pretty much the right ways. And emotional exhaustion.

Mainly because I realise I’m more an extrovert than I really am an introvert. I do well in groups of people, and far less in individual doses, unless they are people I’m familiar with.

This hit really hard during the second day when word got out about the wake, and people started coming in either alone or in twos. I dealt with a well-meaning aunt and a good friend one after another, and then another after that. Retelling the story exhausted me, I realised. Especially when I hadn’t adequately prepared myself.

So we cremated dad. Then we put him with my grandparents.

Due to the circumstances, I’m now putting my new apartment up for rent. I’m going to stay with mom till I’m certain she’ll be ok. If you need a place to stay, you can find the details here.

So yeah. How was your week?

  • It took me 3 tries to get that sentence out. As you can tell, it’s not one of my happier sentences to write. xD