[Copywriter’s Chronicles] You just want me for the juice

No context required.

@wind_goddess: I’m so happy to see you here.
@marauderz: You don’t want me, you just want my juice.*

*Actually she takes his charger. xD


Edited to add:

[Marauderz]: Cacat people deserve cacat solutions (referring to clients)
Sky: thunders in reply
Us: …..

[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Consumption

It’s been a while. Here’s a very short one overheard in the office:

[Marauderz]: … When we want to consume people. In this case, Dog wants to consume us.

[Copywriter’s Chronicles] Dun bluff wei

Keeyong: It’s near Pudu Jail (referring to this)

Me: Yeah, that’s where all the dead bodies are.

The Godfather: *wide eyes, terrified look on face* Dun bluff wei.

[Ian]: Dead bodies?

Me: From Pudu Jail.

The Godfather: Dun bluff wei. Dun bluff. *the look on his face was priceless*