2016: A Review and Goodbye

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I am glad that 2016 will be over soon.

I wouldn’t even call it a balanced year. While there were some spots of light, there were many more dark moments. 2016 is like that sarcastic uncle you always wanted to punch – a man who makes a spectacle simply because he can. Sometimes he does good deeds, but for most part you just want to rip him a new one. Continue reading

Goodbye, Carrie Fisher

Woke up this morning in preparation for my flight to hear that Carrie Fisher had left at the ripe “old” age of 60.

Carrie Fisher. GODDAMNIT 2016 STAHP.

I’m angry and I’m sad. I don’t usually comment on celebrity deaths (I prefer to keep my grief private) but holy crap, really, 2016? Carrie Fisher?

When I was a kid, Carrie Fisher was Princess Leia. She was one of the strongest women I knew, a princess who went out and DID things. A deft politician, a commanding general. She was capable of holding a blaster as much as the other guy. In a way, she made it okay for girls to be bloodthirsty too. And to get their hands dirty doing so.

As an adult, Carrie Fisher was an inspiration to me trying to be a writer. She was unapologetic, open, forthright and perhaps most importantly, herself as she wrote. I didn’t realise that there was such a thing as a script doctor, and knowing that such a role existed gave me a sense of relief – on the surface, the idea of a fixer-writer (as opposed to simply an editor) seems to be anathema to the idea of writing.

Goodbye, Carrie Fisher. Thank you for the stars. Watch out for that moonlight though.

[DIY] How to set the Hager EH711 pin timer

When we first moved into this house, my dad got the Hager EH711 pin timer to regulate the porch light. After he passed away, I never had a reason to look at it until mom tried to change the timer.

This was when I realised that no one had written a simple step-by-step blog post kind of style guide for setting the Hager EH711. There’s either videos or manuals that are all pics based and without much text. So I’m here to tell you HOW to set your Hager EH711 to your lighting/power needs.

Setting it up

To install your Hager EH711… just Google it. Seriously, there are a LOT of guides online. Also I feel a need to thank Aman Zaki for explaining a little on how the timer works, but his instruction in Malay isn’t really very clear on how to actually set the timer. And this video on Youtube that finally cleared up all my questions.

Hager EH711 Properly Set

Setting your on-off times


1 – The arrow that tells the device what time is it
2 – Your automatic or manual switch. I = Manual, O = Automatic.
3 – The timer pins
4 – 24hr clock

  • Set the time on your Hager EH711 pin timer by turning the plastic face covering the clock until you reach approximately the time right now AT THE TRIANGLE marked 1. This tells the pin timer what time it is.
  • If you want things to be switched on automatically, rotate the black dial in (2) clockwise till the white item reaches O.
  • Push the pins back for the time you want, eg if you want your porch light switched on from 730pm, then you would push the pins between 20.30 to 7.10.

And that’s it! If this doesn’t work you probably messed up on the wiring or something. You’ll know if it’s working because it’s immediate. In my case, because the time I was setting overlapped my current time (aka it was 10pm when I set it switch the lights on from 7.10PM to 7.10AM), I flicked the porch light switch off and the light stayed on.

Good luck!

[Review] NaoReads Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Special Edition from Wikipedia cover

Author: Jack Thorne
ISBN: 9780751565355
Price: RM119, depending on where you get it
Rating: 7/10
TL;DR: A fast read, for Harry Potter fans and completionists

The Cursed Child reads like a novella than a full-length novel. It’s short, simple and rather sweet. You can see traces of J.K. Rowling’s style, but overall, the book is a really good script that demands to be seen live rather than read.

Part of this is due to its format; it is really that easy to read. It’s also really light on details, simply because it’s supposed to be a play. If you grew up reading the books and the movies, then your mind will fill in the empty spots, and it’s an easy fill.

As it’s also supposed to be a play, there’s far more emphasis on the characters rather than the spectacle we got from the movies. We substitute our own ideas for what “Harry reins in his anger” means, rather than watching Daniel Radcliffe clench his fist, making it a more personable and relatable story.

Which brings me to the next point, the characters here are simply fantastic. Of course part of the fun is seeing Harry and Ginny and the rest of the Harry Potter cast all grown up. But what I loved reading most of all, was the friendship between Albus and Scorpius.

I personally love the friendship between Albus and Scorpius the most. It is very reminiscent of Harry’s own, but there are a lot of subtle differences that make it much more meaningful especially in this day and age. I also love the little touches that revealed how the characters, especially the older ones, have grown throughout the years.

We saw Draco for instance, reveal that he has a love for his son as much as his mother did. We see how Hermione still calls the shots even after all this time and how Ron is happy to be a henpecked husband. And I think, we see most of all, how Harry is not perfect and how Ginny, like Molly, understands her children very much.

Overall I would recommend Harry Potter and the cursed child only to fans and those who grew up on the series. If you’re just stepping foot into the world of Harry Potter, you might want to start off with the books first, or maybe the movies. If you are a fan, then you should get this book. It’s simply magical.