Red lips, red lips~

Over the weekend, the bear and me went to Midvalley for the Maybank Treats Fair. However, this is not an entry about that Fair.

Rather, it’s about Shisedo’s slogan for their new range of lipsticks.

Red the first color.

While their website indicates that this is a throwback towards Shiseido’s history, I would like to think that it means the first colour seen on a human being besides their skin tone.

Red, the colour of blood.

Passion, heat, intensity. In most of human culture, lips were almost always painted red. Not blue, not brown, but red.

It’s a vibrant colour, stark against the colour of our skin. It’s attention-grabbing. It’s unsubtle. It’s powerful.

Red, the lip.

I love having red lips. There’s something incredibly strong about such a colour. I love especially, wearing them on my lips. I wear them though, not for others, but for myself. It is a silent affirmation, a subtle reminder. My words are my own, but when I speak, how they are received, depends on how I deliver them.

And that pretty much reminds me of my job as a copywriter.

Having my painted lips is a form of armour. A silent reminder to stand firm. To speak clearly. And to carry myself with confidence. To remember that I chose to wear this face. That I have control.

A control I need to exercise more often.

[Review] Star Trek: Beyond

Star Trek Beyond: Jaylah

Star Trek: Beyond poster featuring character Jaylah

TL;DR 9.5/10
Summary: Great movie with all the right touches of flash and subtlety

Most people (including me) anticipated Star Trek: Beyond (aka “ST:B”) to be “Fast and Furious in space!” After all, the director was one Justin Lin, who is known for being the director of the FnF franchise. The trailers released before the movie didn’t help either.

As it turns out, the movie was fast AND furious. But there’s very little racing. What we see instead, is a surprisingly good mix of suspense, action, and deft, human drama. It makes the movie all the more believable and human.

The plot is relatively simple: In its third year of its 5-year mission, the USS Enterprise has been sent to assist a science mission gone wrong in an uncharted region of space. They are soon ambushed for two reasons; an artefact they were carrying unknowingly and to lure Yorktown, a new Federation base, into lowering its guard.


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I would like to raise a toast today, not just for Raya, but to DMJewelle! If it were not for her, I would not have participated in the first CAFKL as part of Prose-ACK, landing the dubious honour of being a pair of writers in a SEA of comic book artists and illustrators. If it were not for her, I would not have dared to fly to Hokkaido to catch Angela Aki on a whim and walked back to my hotel as the sun rose after a long night of karaoke. If it were not for her, I would not have dared to submit my writing for publishing, to push myself out of the comfortable rut I was in for so long.

So here’s to one of the best human beings I know (even if she says otherwise). Thank you for pushing me to my limit, and thank you for your faith in me. Congratulations on completing another revolution around the sun, and Happy Birthday!

PS: This was directly inspired by Denise telling us you wanted to know the kind of effect you had had on people, so hope it fits! :D

Distracted by Path of Exile

Path of Exile

I’m alive! Or so it may not matter, if you haven’t been by the blog recently. Things have been, as they are apt to be at the end of the month, simply nuts.

That, and I kind of got swallowed by Path of Exile.

It’s a game very much in the vein of Diablo, if you’ve played it. Unlike Diablo though, the story feels more interesting to me, and the character you play does have an impact on the dialogue other characters have with you.

I actually started a Patreon for this, thinking to document my journey. Within three weeks that got shot to hell because I tend to be playing faster than I’m writing. What I do have are impressions, so I’ll probably concentrate on that more.

On one hand, I finally killed Malachai (yay!) but it was a tough fight. Urgh. Not quite looking forward to the fact that I’ll need to go through him a second time to get to Merciless. In terms of loot and storytelling, that’s where I’ll need to go next, says the boyfriend.

Which brings me to something I find really interesting. Path of Exile’s lore is depicted in conversations (as you might expect) graffiti, and even random notebooks and the like here and there. What I find interesting is how the same NPCs can say completely different things to your characters, simply based on what class you’re playing.

Yes, I know there are other games that are more decision based, but one of the things I like about PoE is the straightforward, linear storytelling. There’s no real room for deviation, only what build your character is. Also discovering uniques is fun. Quite a bit of story unfolds with them.

With that, back to game!

PS: I don’t play the Garena version which is what Malaysia’s officially on. I’m playing on the Grinding Gear Games official client. Faster updates.

[Shorts] Coconuts


The beach was silent and empty that night.

Not even the whisper of a wave intruded on his senses. The wind reached out to caress him, but he ignored her siren song. Today he would not dance. Today he could not.

Still he heard the ring of her bells. On her feet. The way she stomped, he heard rather than saw the sinuous movement of her body. She tempted him, but she always had.

And always he had resisted. For as long as the winds blew, he would resist her siren call. Sometimes he danced with her, but never did he lie with her.

No matter how much she wanted to.

Today though, he could not answer her siren call. Today, something else was more important. Today, was something he had waited for.

Today, the tide would return.

All around him, he heard the wind whisper and dance. Heard her stomping her feet, shaking her hips, rolling her head. Her jewellry was loud, as were her movements. But louder still was his desire for the tide to return. So he kept his eyes closed.

The dust got into his nose, and he sneezed. He rubbed his nose, and it was then that he caught the moisture in the air. The very texture of the air had changed.

Before he could return to his contemplation, something was thrown at him. It hit him square in the face. His eyes flew open and he got to his feet. He was furious.

She stood far away from him, coconuts laid out in front of her in curious stacks. Not just any coconuts, but brown ones, those that were old. She waved at him, and then with the roar of water, turned and disappeared.

He never did see the waves that claimed him. They drowned him in an instant. No one else was around to hear the story of the dancing wind and the stubborn ascetic.

Not when the land is barren and the seas have gone.