[Geekery] Remove Passwords from PDF

Authenticity required: password?

So this is a quick and super easy PC-only lifehack. If you want to remove a password from a PDF for whatever reason, the answer is to print it as a PDF.

Really. Just go to File > Print > Microsoft Print to PDF.

You will be asked to rename the file (like saving a copy) and that’s it! Once you open your new doc, you should not be prompted for a password again. Note that this is dependent on the software you use. I use SumatraPDF, which is a simple and lightweight PDF reader. Starts up in 3 seconds instead of Adobe’s 3 minutes.

And that’s it. Good luck!

[Gaming] Postknight tips

Postknight image taken from Facebook
Kurechii’s Postknight is a cute side-scrolling game that harkens back to the RPG days of Maplestory, Dragonica and the like. It’s also designed to be played in minutes rather than hours, so if you’re looking for a quick game to destress or to play while on the train, this is the game for you.

That said, if you weren’t part of the beta and you’re looking to maximise your Postknight sessions, here are some tips that might be useful:

Getting equips

Each town has 3 equips sets per town. They’re distinguished by different tier levels. Things to note:
– 3 pieces of the 4 equip set will always be drops. Your 4th will always be available only from the merchant (last guy in each town).
– Always try to wear an entire set whenever possible. Resist the urge to switch to a higher-stat one when you get it, as you get a bonus when you equip all items from the same set
– Upgrading your equips to the max will grant you additional perks on top of what you get from the full set equip bonus

Potion upgrades

When upgrading your healing potion, note that you will have 3 options. One upgrades how much health you recover, the second how fast you can drink the potion, and the third is the defensive boost you receive (thanks Reddit for the last!).
– Before adding herbs to the first option (to increase health recovered), add herbs to reduce your cooldown. Every time you upgrade to increase how much you recover, you add a 1-second delay to your cooldown timer.
– I’d get it down to a 4 second cooldown before upgrading how much health I can recover.
– Upgrading the defensive boost doesn’t affect the cooldown timer.

Delivery Quests or Main Quest?

Depending on your game style, you may prefer to blast through the story before engaging on the Delivery Quests. This is a bad idea.
– Delivery quests refresh every 3- 4 hours. Doing a Delivery Quest earns you tokens which you can use to upgrade your Postknight rating.
– Each rating has 8 levels, so you start off at C8 in the beginning and can work your way up to S1 (I assume).
– Earning the tokens allows you to earn EXP and gold when you’re not in the game or idle – useful for resource management.
– The Delivery quests have some good storyline.
– TL;DR Do your delivery quests before you continue with the main quest for levelling rewards and cute glimpses into your town’s lives.


When fighting, remember:
– Spam your pots as much as you can. This lets you heal quicker.
– Use your shield when approaching enemies. Your shields should stop the attack.
– Time your charges wisely. When fighting a boss, resist the urge to follow the boss too closely. Rather, charge him when he’s firing at you (make sure your shields are up!).

Will add more when I remember. Did I miss out on anything? Let me know in the comments below!

Fire Emblem: Heroes Region Lock

No, region lock means it's not available yet

Nintendo has done it again. They’ve released a great version of an old franchise to great acclaim… Only to region lock it. Despite what you may read online, Fire Emblem Heroes is NOT available everywhere yet. There’s only 39 countries that can play FE:Heroes legally now, and Malaysia is not one of them.

The good news is that if you are on Android, the apk or installation file is available on Apkmirror. Note that you will need to change your security settings to allow installation from unknown sources. Please note that you do this at your own risk – I usually switch this off once I’ve installed the apk.

The bad news is that we don’t know if your Nintendo account will be banned if you play this way. Nintendo has this thing against rooted phones and doing things that are legal but not necessarily beginner level (customising ROMs, changing themes etc). This could be a holdover from the DS days where homebrew led to great piracy.

My advice is if you can’t wait for the region lock to be lifted, go download and play the game. But don’t spend any money on it until we’ve heard otherwise about the ban possibilities. For all we know, this will be another miitomo (which never came to Malaysia, so boo on you, Nintendo).

That said, the game plays really well once you’ve installed it. The tutorial and details about what the different symbols mean could be better but if you’re a Fire Emblem fan most would be familiar to you already. Something to note:

Tacticians or Strategist or whichever version you want to call yourself, please note that your units have only ONE attack distance. This means your mages now have the same restrictions as archers (boo). There’s no relationship building either, so keeping them close doesn’t matter (except as protection for your range units). No, you cannot have a English menu voices (though that would be nice).

[Review] Headspace Free Trial

Orange Sun from Stocksnap
The Orange Dot. Not the Headspace version.

Decluttering the mind is one of my objectives this year, so what better way to do that than with mindfulness and meditation. Headspace came highly recommended by a few blogs and the Coach.Me community, so I decided to give it a try (also so you won’t have to).

Caveat: I am somewhat familiar with meditation, it’s just getting into the practice of it that’s difficult for me. Headspace is targeted towards complete beginners.

Day 1:

Signup process was relatively quick. Took me only a few minutes to sign up and get started. Headspace has a very intuitive interface and is great for beginners. When you log in, it’ll present you immediately with the 10-day program. Click on Session 1 to get started if you can.

Initial impression: OMG this guy is noisy. I’ve heard of guided meditation but one of the appeals of an app like Buddhify is that they have these long spaces of silence for you to actually relax and slip into nothingness. Headspace, it seems, intends to replace the noise in your head with the noise of their own voice. It was quite annoying.

Let’s give this a try at least until Friday. I can do Friday now, can’t I?

Day 2:

This went relatively easier than yesterday. Despite having slightly less time to meditate, I found it more relaxing compared to the day before. I still find it odd that the session begins with your eyes open and there’s an assumption that you’re sitting with your feet on the floor, but I’m being nitpicky.

That said, there’s still a bit too much talking for my taste, but it’s pared down compared to yesterday’s constant stream.

Note: You must complete the 10 days programme to access all other parts of the site, so you can’t jump ahead unless you finish. Or you could just click on the “Next Session” button once you’re done to skip ahead, I assume.

Day 3: Friday at last.

Now we’re getting into more familiar territory. The session starts off with a two minute video likening meditation to watching the flow of traffic. It’s a really good analogy, but not something I need to see when I’m rushing for time (I woke up late this morning).

Andy now has you trained to his specific routine, so after his usual ramble, he gets you started on counting your breaths up to ten before restarting while you meditate. You do this for as many times as he remains silent before he interrupts again.

I can understand the purpose of this exercise but it feels a little redundant and repetitive, especially since in the earlier part of his sessions he talks about focusing on your body. This particular exercise seems to have you focus on counting your breaths.

Final thoughts: I’ll probably continue to finish day 4 at least since Andy mentioned he’d be talking about pulling yourself back.

Day 4:

Erm… nope. Headspace is just not for me. After 3 attempts, I’m giving up on it. However, I feel a need to say that by this time, I realise that the problem is half Headspace, half me.


The good: it’s a really great way to try guided meditation, and especially if you are the kind that prefers having your focus being directed by others. The 10-day programme is a really excellent way to get people started making it a habit.

The bad: I can’t stand Headspace’s Andy Puddicombe’s voice. There’s something about it that really gets on my nerve, in comparison to other apps like Buddhify and One Minute Meditation.

Should You: Get it? Only if you are a complete beginner with no idea how to start meditation. Otherwise, there are other apps that may appeal to you more. As for me, I’ll be going back to Buddhify.