Anyone who has seen a Chinese martial arts show dealing with the supernatural or even something that comes close to it will realise something almost immediately. All those who fight demons etc., are all excellent kung-fu fighters, or they have some of the basics.

The reason is simple. Anyone who has read or heard of chi will immediately understand. Chi, or sometime qi, is basically about breathing techniques. Those who read Dragon ball and other manga titles in the same veins will understand.

What martial art does is to give the practitioners a focus. Chi exponents use martial arts to focus their breathing. I once asked my grandmother, and she told me that as recently as 60/70 years ago, people were still able to fly and to do many other things we now see in the movies. Unfortunately, the knowledge seems to be lost now.

Martial arts were to have originated in China. More specifically, in Shaolin. There were two Shaolins, if I am not mistaken. One was in the North, and the other in the South. Either way, there is a saying that all martial arts came from Shaolin. This is not quite true, but it serves. Martial arts, as we know today, came from Shoalin, but Shaolin martial art itself was a mixture of different styles. What they did was simply to give the styles a structure and format.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I just saw a TV show on battling demons and in some cases, a “Wu Lei.