Response to comments

I’ll be doing this every time I get an interesting comment (or if I get one at all), so this is in response to a comment by viceice:

What is art?

Each person has a different perception of what they feel is art. To me, art is basically a form of expression. It is an expression of free speech. In Malaysia, free speech in the press is VERY limited. The students will be the second to admit that. The first would be the press members themselves. It may seem easy to say that free speech is essential in a democratic country, but that is like saying that everyone in the world can eat spicy food. We all know that that is not true. Not everyone can stand spicy food (yours truly being one of them). There are many factors why certain people cannot take spicy food, and thus there are certain factors why total free speech is not applicable in Malaysia.

The most obvious reason is because of the diversity of races in Malaysia. We used to be thick-skinned. But now, thanks to some idiots in office, Malaysians are very thin-skinned when it comes to matters of religion and race. Just the hint that one of them is being offended is enough to make the authorities go up in flames… Hmm… I wonder if we can actually do that… Make them go up in flames I mean. I wonder if there is a way to trigger spontaneous human combustion…

*goes off to research on that*

And before I go off, let me say that when it comes to matters of religion, we should not take them to be the end all and be all of everything. After all, if God meant us to be blind and fanatically faithful to him, why did He give us brains?