Dreams of Matrix

After going through some of the essays found on matrixessays, I realized that among most of my reading materials I have never read a fanfiction of the Matrix. Never. Before you wonder about the connection, let me just point out that I love to both read and write fanfiction. You just never see that much of them on the Net. Most of them are offline in my home computer. Nearly everything that has affected me has a fanfiction about them. If they’re not on the harddrive they’re in on of my many books of ideas. If they’re not there they’re in my head. I even have a few fanfics about Anne Rice floating in my head, and I’m not that big a fan of Anne Rice.

I am a big fan of the Matrix. It is one of the very few movies that manages to marry mass appeal and intuitive/philosophical threads without sacrificing either one. It’s one of the very few successes that has managed to bring more people in with the second and subsequently third movie. I’m a media student, and among other things I study the effects various medias have on each other, known to some as a mass media campaign or a marketing strategy. They’re roughly the same.

The thing is, you have to give credit to the Wac brothers for the way they tied in the whole thing. If you want to know the whole story you had to have first watched the Matrix, then watched the first set of the Animatrix, then watched Reloaded, get the rest of the Animatrix and finally, get the Enter the Matrix game. For those of you who don’t have the money, skip the game. It’s BAD. In terms of gameplay. Not storyline. I want to watch it for teh cutscenes and the story, not the gameplay. And Seraph is cute! ;p *drool…*

*Whack! Bash!* Ahem! Please forgive the author of this blog. As her muse, I cannot control her all the time, and she is one of those people who like cool and ‘talented’ guys. Her boyfriend is like that. He’s cute and talented. Now, back to the blog…

I applaud the marketing genius of the Brothers and the philopsophical discussions of the Matrix. Talk more about that later. Ciao!