I’ve realized that what we see, hear, feel and do affect us in many strange and different ways. Just this morning I was about to continue my nap when a chapter of the Legion of Mary in my district came to my grandma’s house. (Gosh, I hope that’s the right term.) I was touched by their simple dedication to their faith and the way they helped my grandmother. All they did was to offer some prayers and to give the Communion (the Eucharist) to my grandmother, but the way they did it was simple but at the same time, profound.

I think I can safely say that devotion has kept my grandmother alive. Not faith, but devotion. The problem with most people these days is not only their lack of faith, but their lack of devotion. I should know that, cos it describes me too. I believe in Christ. I believe that the Father sacrificed Him in order to redeem us, but I don’t show it very much. Like most people I go to Church and I say my nightly prayers, and that’s it. I don’t live my faith. I don’t observe all of its tenets.

One of the most basic tenets of Christianity is love. It is not only describing romantic love, but more importantly, I feel, filial love, the love shared by friends, and the love of those not romantic in shape. Love is very closely related to compassion. It is very hard to feel compassion for others if you don’t have love in your heart. Those of you who have read the Bible would know the meaning of the phrase “Let him who has not sinned cast the first stone.