Family Probs, Part Three

There is something to be said for relatives who seem to think they have the right to trod on you, simply because circumstances have given them the right. I should know. I have several relatives like that. The most annoying things of them all is that they are blood relatives. That’s the part that has me sick and wish that I was born an orphan.

I’m 19 now, as I have mentioned before. I live with my grandparents. It’s not because my parents can’t keep me at home, it’s because my grandparents and more specifically my grandma needs someone to stay with her and keep her company so that she does not get bored.

The thing is, my grandmother also has the worst sense of timing. Guess I inherited that from her. She tends to fall sick whenever something big is about to happen or coming up. The last time it was my mid-semester break. The week before that I spent a couple of worried days at home. As she was in the hospital during my mid-semester break, I offered to stay one or two nights with her. Let’s just say that for an old woman, she puts up one hell of a fight.

When she got back from the hospital, I was more or less elected to look after her as I was staying in her house. That was not too bad. What was bad was that I rarely got enough sleep, if ever, when she was recuperating. Add to that I had to be in college before 9 and rarely made it back before 6, you could see the injustice of the situation when someone comes up to me and say that she expects me to get all distinctions in my studies, simply because I’m not doing the housework and that I do nothing at home.

Now, I admit that I lazed around and I did the bare minimum of housework when college was in session, but I was on holiday when my grandma made her recovery. She moved about pretty well. But I still did the mopping and occasional sweeping, as well as washing the dishes and hanging up the clothes. There’s nothing much I can do.

The thing is, this relative of mine, also calculated the amount of money my parents were spending on my education. I know that it is a high amount and I know that I only got merits and a pass for it. I’ve tried to point it out to her, but she does not listen. Those are my results when my grandma was sick. I was up most nights taking care of her, taking her to the loo, feeding her and giving her her medication, but do they remember that?

No, all they care is that I’m a spendthrift lousy little excuse of a girl.