Family Probs, Part Two

Sigh… Having had a day to calm down and to let my godmother talk to me has worked wonders for my thinking. I know what I want to do and I know how to get there. The thing is, I have a general road map of what I want to do. Now all I need to do is to figure out the detailed itinerary.

She also reminded me that at the end of my college education, my parents would have spent RM54k on my education (fees only-not including daily expenses, etc.). She said that I could not repay them even in ten years’ time. I of course, beg to differ. I guess that she has a point. She reminded me that well, I should not be watching television all the time, that the industry is very competitive, etc., things I already know.

I know that my parents are working their butts off to put me through college. I know that it entails a huge sacrifice on their part. I guess that I have been taking things for granted. But I also know this. Though getting a degree and a job is great, it does not mean that I abandon my life. We live in this world after all. We are not hermits.

Mom, Dad, please forgive my ranting in the previous posts. I appreciate what you’ve done, truly, I do, but I also want my own life. I want to live as an individual. College life is not just simply about studying, it’s an educational experience for the parents as well. Let me go. I know how to sail my boat.

I love you both.