Taken off a reviewer…

NiNziE’s Lib.

why is it that, as natural human behaviour, when somebody cares, there is always an existing need to not acknowledge it? its like you know that the person cares so much, and is showing (too much of?) it too, and, you tend to be over confident and think that the person will be there tomorrow showering the same feeling.

the value of it all can never be fully acknowledged, untill one fine moment that care, or rather, that person, is gone. just ask yourself. what if? are you going to regret it for not showing the person how you appreciate it? are you?

you dont know what youve got, to fully appreciate it, till its gone

I’ve got two answers to this, both of them intertwined closely with the evolution of culture and upbringing of humans. If anyone has noticed, human beings, no matter the culture, have been taught that they are lovable, but not in the romantic sense. They are lovable and adorable as friends and family, as well as objects of lust and desire, but liking someone in a romantic way feels weird. Most of us tend to think that we are not lovable in that sense.

Another answer is taking things for granted. As humans, no matter what we say we are only concerned with the present. No matter how far ahead we try to think, everything takes place in the short-term. The long term effects would only affect our children and those after them. We never think how we would cope when that person we love dies, only do it when it happens. It takes a few deaths and near-deaths to make us appreciate what we truly have.

I should know. Narrowly losing my grandmother and my boyfriend made me aware of how transient life is. Thanks, the two of you, particularly my dearest boyfriend, for being there when I needed you. I love you both.