Assignments Galore

Sigh, another week and I already have a bunch of assignments that are waiting for me to start researching and writing. Most of them are free choice, so I’m pretty much happy with them. What I’m not happy about is the amount of research I have to put in. At least there are some group assignments. Let’s see, I have to get my scripts ready for my Broadcast Journalism class, and then there’s the group assignment research for Research and Presentation 2… My assignments for PR, and also the critical attitude. As you can see, all the strike outs represent my modules.

At least I can look forward to the writing. If there is anything I love, it’s writing. There is nothing more exciting than looking at a blank piece of paper after having done your research and being filled to the brim with ideas. That was how it was with my Research and Presentation classes last semester. I picked cloning as my subject, made up three questions, mostly factual ones, to give me an outline about how to answer those questions, and then ran away with it. The first thing we had to do was to draft a research proposal, and then make an information bank. I hated the info bank because I had to do a lot of referencing, and with Curtin insisting on the APA referencing style, there was plenty of headaches for me. Then again, I had fun writing and researching the topic.

Let’s see… and then there’s my PR projects. Well, this semester concentrates mostly on the techniques of writing in PR, so I guess I can use those techniques when I’m going out to work later. According to some people, the majors I chose were quite unusual. Not many take PR and Journalism, which is what I’ve done. My lecturers once asked why I took these subjects, and my reasons were that these two were the same sides of the coin. The response was that they were not quite the same, but then again…

The only reason why I’m rambling like this is because I’m sitting on a short chair and that means I can’t type very well. Write more later!