Briefing Report, Thurs, Aug 14

There are several things that were mentioned in the briefing they held recently for LUCCT students, well, for the Comm.Students anyway. The briefing I attended was for those in Semesters 3 & 4, the others having had theirs on Tuesday. Among some of the important ones were:

– The Assignment Box policy (pass your assignments to the receptionist) is no longer in effect. You now have to hand in your assignments to your lecturer in person, in class. I guess this means no more handing in assignments before 5. Sigh…
– Another is the warning about annulment (ANN in the transcript). Generally these are given out for those who plagarized in their assignments. The thing about these is that once you’ve failed, that’s it. You’re blacklisted from the subject. You’ll have to switch to another major.
– Reminders for the Add/Drop date was also given. This semester it is 29 August, so DON’T FORGET!
– Deferment should take place before the Mid-Sem break. After that they’ll only give out extensions. However this is on a-case-by-case basis.
– Cyberjaya is no longer a castle in the air, but a concrete reality. Irene, the Sem 3 & 4 Year Leader, has the full details. She’s a nice lady, so don’t be bad to her!
– International students, please remember to renew your student visas ONE MONTH before expiry at Student Services.

Cyberjaya News


– On-campus accomodations are available. Priority given to International Students and those, I believe, staying under the college itself.
– Make arrangements before January. If you want to go home first, please come back early to arrange accomodations.
– Rental is about RM1500 for a 4-room apartment.


– Apparently, and I mean apparently, there will be buses from two areas. One from Kelana Jaya LRT station, the other from the Pasar Seni Station. That means Central Market if you’re unsure.
– Fares are approximately RM 4 one-way, which means it’ll be RM 8 for both ways.
– There will be four runs, two in the morning, one in the evening, and one at night. *Staying there sounds better and better…*
– There is also a Metrobus service, from Kota Raya to the Multimedia University (MMU) in Cyberjaya. According to Irene, you have to pass LUCCT before reaching MMU. However, this is METROBUS we’re talking about. Did I mention Kota Raya too? I don’t think so.


Those who would like to go to see the new campus on a sort of like field trip, please leave me a line. Use the below this entry. Leave me your name, email address, school and sem. I need the list as soon as possible.