I am now a proud member of Gaia Online. It’s an anime website, so unless you want to be a member, DON’T message me.

In any case, onto the real reason I’m writing this.

I only realized that I loved to write fiction when I was in Std. 6 (12 years old). Even then it was not through any insight of my own, but because I saw my friends writing. And they had completed several books! Most of them were novel stories that pre-adolescent kids read though. Nevertheless the fact remained that they wrote. Well, it was then that I started writing for the pure fun of it, and would you know. The first thing I wrote was a Power Rangers fanfic. I have no idea where that exercise book is, but I do know that it is one of the few I have actually completed ;p I think I have completed only two others so far.

Yet I’ve still continued to write. I have so many ideas spinning in my head that it’s hard for me not to write. I love writing for the very simple reason that I love to see thw rods flow onto a page. Is there nothing else as satisfying as watching words, ideas and thoughts take form as you move your hand? Of course, I’m not only talking about pen and paper, but also typing. I’ve found that the keyboard one uses plays an important part in detremining the flow and the thoughts of the story/piece.

I grew up in a house where the old typewriter reigned supreme. I love the sound of the clickity-clack as words formed. Of course, merely listening to the sounds have no meaning, and so I turned to writing. Yet over the years it has grown more than a need to see something coherent take form. Now I write because I write. There is nothing more I can say. That’s all my rant for now (sorry for it being short).

See ya around!