Briefing and some titans…

Hie everyone!

Been a long time since I last updated my blog. Yup, the laziness bug has struck again. I hate it! *Screams out in frustration (sp?)*

Anyway, I just watched the movie ‘Remeber the titans’ which starred Denzel Washington. It’s one of the better movies ever made but the fact that I came in late spoiled it a little for me. That was because I wanted to go out and have an early dinner with my bf. Hehehe…

It was also Bee Bee’s birthday. Happy 19th birthday Bee! She’s gone out for dinner with the others but I’m stuck here waiting for my mom. Ah well… 🙂

Hmm… In other news, they had the briefing for MCM students on the move to Cyberjaya yesterday and we finally have everything ready and prepared. Here are the important stuff:

Date move: 11 December, 2003

Transportation : Bus pass costs RM 70/80 per month, I have to go and check later. *Side note: What’s wrong with this phrase: Kotaraya to Cyberjaya campus: 1.15 minutes Hehehe….

Facilities:We have food. Supposed to be cheap but whether they are edible or not is another matter entirely.

We are using the same computers there as we are now. I wish they would replace the MACS!! I HATE MACS!!!! *Screams again*

Does your laptop or any other gadjet have a wireless Internet connector? If not, get one now cos we are going to have free wireless internet! YAY!

Parking there: Unsure

Accomodations: Way too expensive for my taste, and if you feel the same way but still want to stay under the college then they will help you look for other accomodations.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I would like to extend an apology to Miss Evelyn of Student Services. I’m sorry if I came across as trying to kill you. That’s just the way I sound when I’m trying to project my voice. But you did a good job, though it was not enough for a bunch of ‘opinionated’ people like us.

See you all soon!