Most youths today in Malaysia grew up knowing one Prime Minister. That’s Dr. M. Say his name and they’ll have something to say about him. Personally, he’s one of the most charismatic, opinionated (I’m using that word a lot today :p) and strong men I’ve ever known. If nothing else, I admire him for his outspokeness.

I’m one of those Malaysians who will be very sad to see him go. He has done much to restore the glory (partially) we enjoyed long ago before we were colonized. The only sad thing is that he has not been able to get rid of the Malay’s laziness.

I can’t go into the special rights of the Bumis because if I do, I can be thrown into jail and be charged under the Seditions Act for saying such a thing. All I will say is, Get rid of it. We Bumis don’t need it. It’s not a support, it is an obstacle.

‘Nuff said.