Way overdue…..

If anyone had been reading my blog, I am so sorry for the late update. I’ve completely forgotten about it you see, and the fact that my classes and everything are arranged in such a way that I can only take a few moments to read my mail etc., you can see why I’m sleepy.

For those who don’t know, the Malaysian elections will be held this Saturday. In many places it is a straight fight, although Bukit Bintang will see a FOUR way fight. That should be interesting.

It was a really, really sad thing that BN lost the 100% clean sweep of Johor because the District leader didn’t do their jpbs. Most of the rules in the election is basically elemnetary and for them to lose simply because they didn’t check that the proposer was a resident from Seggarang (sp?)…

Oh well… I’ll write more when my hands aren’t freezing. 🙂