Lodged complaint today

I finally did what I was talking about today. Yup, I lodged a complaint with the Student Services Department about the facilities in LimKokWing today. It’s not so much the facade that irritated me, but the fact that though we have more labs… Let me just list it down:

Insufficient Printers
– More labs, but not many of them are equipped with printers, thus making the print queues longer. Furthermore, because they CANNOT see the print queue (thanks to some idiotic protocol) Students are unable to see where their documents are and often click several times to print the same document when they only need one copy.

Insufficient Pcs
-The macs in college are poorly maintained and make it pain to use. Need I say more?

Insufficent computers with INTERNET ACCESS
-Internet access is next to non-existent, which is important for the rest of us when the campus library is insufficient

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