I had a talk with one of my lecturers recently, and she mentioned that the only way to really change this country is to go into politics. I was thinking of that as well, particularly after the last general elections. With all the young-and-upcoming politicians now on the scene, I figured that it should be a good time to get involved.

Two things stop me:

There is a ruling inthe University and University-Colleges Act that state that no student, while in school, may join or take part in politics. (This was mainly because the opposition were getting support from the public universities).

Another is that I don’t know what party to join. MCA was never an option because I can’t speak the language. Neither is Gerakan.

DAP… Nah. I don’t like them.

Keadilan? I like their mission statement and all, but it’s Anwar. And I don’t like HIM.

PPP? Maybe… They have the potential.

We’ll just have to wait and see, no? đŸ™‚

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  1. Politics maybe the easy way to change things but it’s by no means the correct, as the nature of politics dictate that the changes you make will be in the interests of those who are on your side in the political circus, not in collective interest of all.

    I always say, with politics there cannot be good governance.

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