What happens…

When you put two LimKokWing Mass Communications students in a line for the Malaysian Idols audition for more than three hours?

We don’t get bored, we get CREATIVE.

Hehehe… For those of you who DIDN’T know, Tiara (a new friend I made through Dennis- Thanks Dennis!) and I went for the Malaysian Idols audition held at Berjaya Times Square yesterday (10 June 2004). She reached there at about 9.30, I about ten, fifteen minutes later (muse: you don’t really recall, do you? Me: *sweatdrop).

I was shocked to see the line for those who had registered online to be so long… WOW! Talk about QUEUES! It was really long… Let’s just say this: I think that that is the queue you would get when Malaysians are lining up to do everything last minute at the government counters. It was basically a four hour long line.

What we did was to create jingles. You heard me. Jingles. You see, Tiara and I were basically bored and we were acting like nutcases (I’m serious! 🙂 ) and we started singing songs and improvising the words. We also wanted to garb a little attention (for the pure fun of it). Wanna hear the jingles? (Bold indicates melody song taken from)

Phantom of the Opera– Tiara’s own work)

We came in droves to sing
To gain some fame
When we get on TV
You’ll know our name
When will all this betgin
This Idol game

We’re all going to stand in line for Idol!

Bagaikan Puteri -Mine

Jika dunia aku yang punya,
Akan ku menangi,
Malaysian Idol tanpa ujibakat,
Tak perlu beratur dan terus menyanyi
Sehingga sakit tekak. 🙂

Tis the season to be jolly– Both

Tis the season to be singing, Fa la la la la la la
Idol Bells are all a ringing- Fa la la la la la
Butterflies floating in tummies- Fa la la la la la la la la la
Will we end up being dummies? Fa la la la la la la la la!

(The following were supposed to be aired on 8tv, but I guess they edited it out! 🙁 )

The itsy-bitsy spider

Everyone’s camping in the Idol Spot
Down came the rain and washed their voices out
They all auditioned drenched from head to toe
And now we have the Wettest Idol show. 🙂

12345, Once I caught a fish alive

12345, Standing in the Idol’s Line
678910, Learning our words over again
But when it came our turn,
We forgot what we had learnt
And then in the end
On our behinds did we land. 🙂

Have fun! 🙂