Blood is not thicker than water

The men of my family are real hypocrites! They say one thing and mean another, and when they are at fault, they don’t admit it. It’s something that my mom and I are not only annoyed, but angry. Case in point:

My friend called me up to tell me something about the transport today. I tried to call my father, but his phone was off. Then I tried my brother. His phone was in the room. So that meant there was no way to contact my brother and dad while he was sending them to school! And this coming from a man that scolds me if I switch my phone off.

My mother is also the same. She’s bugging me to clean my room, which I refuse to do so on a matter of principle. One of the reasons is that unlike most cases you read in the paper, I have gotten closer to neither my father or mother. I merely respect them out of fear.

Trusting them was never an option. Not after they betrayed my trust over and over again. That’s something that I cannot and will not forgive.

Damn that feels good!

2 thoughts on “Blood is not thicker than water”

  1. For what it’s worth…you have my support.
    Regarding cleaning your room, and you keeping it messy, it’s recommended- makes for good security.

    If anyone were to break into your room and give it a thorough search, and then leave it as they came- so you would’nt suspect a thing, a neat and tidy room is actually a disadvantage. Everything can be put back easily. You would never know your room was secretly searched, bugged, or worse.
    It’s like the old rhyme of Humpty-Dumpty. If your room is a mess…anyone who tries to put it back together after ransacking it…won’t be able to put it back EXACTLY as it was when they came in.

    In a nutshell- you’ll know someone was there. Searching through your stuff.

    Some tradecraft you might find of interest.

    Walther Kammler.

    Am acting at the request of my Majestic contact, in agreement with him.

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