Reviewing TOS

*In case you’re curious about some of the terminology, check below*

As some of you (read:one) readers may know, I’m part of this online Forum/Community called Gaia Online. It’s one of the few websites that I really enjoy and would love to see more of my friends on. They recently underwent some really nice changes to the layout, the design and more importantly, they changed some of the scripting to enable faster responses and also to streamline the servers.

They also made it mandatory for all current users to review the Terms of Services, and I notice that there was a part that no one really took notice of, which is the cybering part. No one is allowed to *cyber (because Gaia PG-13) and it’s nice to see them take care of their users. 🙂

You know you have really good moderators and creators when they actually create a forum for people to SPAM. Gaia has this currency called Gold, in which users can use to purchase items for their *avies and use it like money. Because everything you do on Gaia (especially posting) earns you gold, there’s bound to be people who will post simply to get gold. They created Chatterbox just to let people do exactly that. Spam. Aren’t they nice?

Okay, as you can see, I really like Gaia Online. It’s a really nice place to be. Check it out, ya?

The add is: