Crash course in PR needed

I was very interested to discover that one of the contacts of a friend of mine was recently confronted by a classic case of PR-defiency syndrome. It’s hat happens when the people in charge have no idea of how to about handling the matter.

Case in point: This contact recently bought a ring after specifically enquiring as to whether the said ring could be engraved. Assured, she bought it and left it with the jeweller who told her to return in a week and collect it.

She returned a week later to be told that it could not be done, and dissatisfied, she did what any self-respecting Netizen would do with a blog account. She blogged. They found out, and the manager called her up offering to take her for lunch. Now, that all seems well and good, until you discover that the manager was also bringing a lawyer.

Now, the first thing that popped into my friend’s head was that that lawyer was going to persuade her to ‘sign away’ all her rights to claims etc. The thing was, she had done nothing wrong, merely bitched about the service, etc., which is perfectly within her rights. The best part was, she’s also holding a law degree.

Interesting no? What you should NEVER do. 🙂

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