Anyone who has read the papers yesterday will know what I’m talking about. It’s about the murder of a law student (wonder why the papers are harping on this) who was senselessly murdered because he tried to defend his fiancee. I’m talking about Darren Kang. The youths who killed him should be killed themselves. They are youths, just like he was, and I see no reason to let them live.

This was what happen: He had gone out with his fiancee for a late supper. Complaining that he was walking slowly, he said to his fiancee that he would only walk faster if she said “I love you” very loudly. She did, and they were then treated to jeers, boos and wolfwhistles. He got up and confronted, or rather talked to the youths and told them to stop.

I for one, don’t see what the problem was. It’s one thing if they let you go on teasing them, but if they ask you to stop, then do. You’re only embarrassing yourself if you don’t. But they got angry and beat the guy to death. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?

Just goes to show you that our Education system is NOT turning out “fine examples” but monsters.

Write more on this later. I’m getting emotional.