Back to work after a long time…

Today is my first day back at work since the CNY promotions in January. It’s a new stint at Giant One Utama, and I can only hope that the rest of the stint will be better than today. Wanna know what happened?

9.50 AM

So there I was, freezing my hands off waiting for my merchandiser (i.e. my colleague) to show up. I walked around a bit, felt like a fool and a sore thumb because I stood out with my red T. As if that was not enough, I found out that the staff entrance was at the other end from where I’d come in. So it was a long walk over there. Thank God (literally) there was a shop selling coffee nearby. I bought a can of Nescafe. I felt so much more energetic! Unfortunately, it still means that I need to go back to sleep after posting this. My body is protesting.

10.00 AM 

I found myself at the staff entrance, waiting while writing my notes. What was scary was that the stairway and the entrance leading towards the staff entrance was lonely and the stairway dark. It reminded me of the first time I worked for this company. I’m going to call them if they don’t appear soon.

10.10 AM

Isn’t there someone here? Someone save me from boredom!

10.15 AM

I called my supervisor, and I am now looking for my colleague.

11.04 AM

Okay, so I found them, (supervisor and colleague), and now we are all walking towards the staff entrance. To prepare for the promotion, we took the current batch apart and waited for the contractor to show up with my sampling stock and the rest of the promotional items.

Few minutes later…
Am now wasting time with the suppliers. So far I’ve been hit on by some of the other staff (from the company)… The two Malay guys seem like they’ve never spoken to a female before. (If Baldy’s attitude is anything to go by, I can understand why. HAM SAP!) 

11.36 AM
I actually meant the above comment in jest, but now I think I really believe it. He’s scary, making weird faces at me and trying to sit next to me and all… I won’t be seeing him again after this (Thank YOU, FATHER!) but then again… *goes off to ponder sexual harrasment cases that have been lain dormant because it happened quickly and the perp disappears from life soon*

12.10 PM

I am so bored! We’re waiting for the contractor, who is NOWHERE in sight!

1.51 PM
Just came back from lunch (not too bad) to find out that the guys had had free lunch. The good thing is that I didn’t have that guy on my shoulder. *Phew!* Still waiting for the contractor.

2.02 PM
Look above.

2.13 PM
I decide to go and take some price checks. I have a list in my book, but I don’t think I’ll write them down. No ads here.

3.23 PM
A lot of my friends called me. We’re finally getting things done! Contractor’s here!

5.48 PM
All done! YIPEE! But my leg is giving out. Ouch!

Good night! *sleeps*