Second day…

9.30 AM
That stupid, idiotic man who passes himself off as the family chauffer (NOT my bf!) dropped me off at 9.20 tjis morning. Not wanting to begin so early, I walked around the place. Am now heading to work, feeling very sleepy.

10.33 AM
What? It’s ten-thirty already? I haven’t my so-called colleague during the whole time I was setting up. I wonder what she was up to. But then again, she went hunting for the knife and even brought a chopping board to cut up the honeydew. The main prob now is the ice box. How do I keep the ice from melting?

12.24 PM
The honeydew-milo-Soyrich mix was not quite what everyone expected. Some loved it, some didn’t. I guess my colleague was right. We decided to drop the milo after all. Am now walking to the toilet. Indigestion.

2.33 PM
I want something fried for lunch!

2.46 PM
I got my wish. It’s McDonald’s Crispy Prawn Burger. And someone finally gave me a ball to drop in the box. Good, no? The burger isn’t too bad, but the lettuce spoils it. Not nice at all!

4.24 PM
One and a half hour more to go! Finally I can go home soon!

6.05 PM
Some people are just lazy… My colleague told one of the other promoters that it was okay not to help me, and to let me handle bringing in the stuff on my own. I wonder if it had something to do with me ordering her about earlier.

Good night!

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