Day 6

10.54 AM
There’s nothing more satisfying than making kids smile and enjoying their laughter. Of course, selling them some stuff is good too, but that’s like just an added layer of glaze on a delicious piece of biscuit. I just met a mother with two beautiful daughters, a pair of maids and their Caucasian charge, and a pair of Malay-tudunged women with a cute little boy in tow. The kids were all adorable!

The little girl (3) reminded me of myself when I was her age. She was energetic yet shy. => All the Malay boy wanted was a drink, and the Caucasian boy surprisingly loved soya milk. @_@ I suppose it really does take all kinds of people to make the world go round.

One of the perks of working on a weekday morning is that you can find a lot of little ones running around and it’s so much fun!

11.10 AM

For some reason, you rarely hear of missing children in hypermarkets within malls like Jusco and the like. Yet when they stand on their own like Tesco, you hear them constantly. One wonders what they are doing.

11.41 AM

I took a quick break, and while reading House Corrino, my new co-worker, found me. Eeep! In any case I told him more of what I told him yesterday, and he finally got the message. I’m tempted to take the stock myself, because I’m bored.

On a side note: My writing seems to be flowing well.

4.40 PM

Lots of work done; shelves rearranged and displays stocked, not to mention we just received more sampling stock. It’s rather quiet now, and I’ve thought up more ideas for Kurama. *Grins and watches as Kurama shivers in fear*

Good night!