Day 7

8.55 AM
Honda is having a product launch and news conference from 10 till 1. Unfortunately, that’s the time I work, so I don’t get to see how things turn out. *Screams* It all looks pretty spiffy though, and the carpet in which there are circles and the cars are in them speaks of either long-range planning or just good preparation.

I really pity the models though. They have nice outfits, but it’s COLD. It’s interesting that all the models look like typical China dolls; long, straight hair and fringe.

10.58 AM
Giant has cats. Not one, but TWO. They have CATS. I thought I was hallucinating the other day when I saw a cat run through the hallaway. A cat! Okay, sorry if I seem hysterical, btu I didn’t get much sleep last night, and it shows, okay? I meowed to the cat. I meowed it! (Yes I know I shouldn’t have played BG2, but I really wanted to see how Anomen’s romance developed!)

2.35 PM
It really does take all kinds to make the world go round. I just met a woman who was not only nice, but generous as well. She said that she was the owner/manufacturer for some of the more expensive and delicious F&B products in the world, and she ‘treated’ me to one. It was a little odd, but I’m not sure whether she was sane. But she was NICE. She was a really nice person.