Day 8

11.15 AM

Less than a week more. YIPEE! I think I’ll stop a day earlier instead of the fourth. I have Course Advising on that day and I need to get soem stuff done. Write more later.

2.01 PM

I’m bored, and one of the Giant staff just asked me to remove the computer table because the said computer was not working. If we had enough stock in the first place this wouldn’t have happened. You see, dear readers, we’d kept the table behind the stock behind the display much earlier, and had put the table legs up, so yes, it was NOT a pretty sight, but no one would have noticed if we had enough stock in the first place. What’s done is done, I suppose.

I met Pearley Che-che and had a nice chat with her.

I want a break NOW! My legs feel like they’re about to give way. Sales are SLOW. I could probably make a snail move faster. Speaking of which, I nearly lost the notebook I was using to keep boredom at bay. I l’d left it on a container that had the same shade of gray as the notebook. *^_^*

I’m so sleepy!