Suggestion on how to…

Make crime go away.

It’s very simple you see. The Americans have a good idea:

They award honours based on acts that are deemed courageous or outstanding, such as:

You save your entire platoon by running ahead into enemy fire to give them time to escape. On your certificate, it details what you did, when you did, and other details about your ‘feat.’ And then they give you the cert.

A suggestion for the Malaysian police and other associated members would be the quota system, where if they did something exemplary they would receieve not only a cert and a title, but also a small raise. That policeman who got shot in the face for example, should be given a Dato-ship at LEAST for going beyond the line of duty.

If we did that instead of giving it to businessmen we would have less problems and idiots in power. At least we’d know the justification for giving them the title.