Gunung Ledang isn’t that tall after all

Yes, I watched Putri Gunung Ledang yesterday, and it was a BIT of a letdown. Then again, I wasn’t expecting much in the first place. Here’s what I didn’t like about the movie:

1. Hang Tuah needs acting lessons. (M. Nasir, don’t quit your singing career).

2. Sultan Mahmud is a spoilt brat, not a whiny one.

3. Someone please shoot the action choreographer and the 3D animation director. The effects looked cheap, false and staged. For RM 15 million, I think I have the right to expect more.

4. In relation to (3), the action scenes were too long and draggy. They should have been shortened, though I dont; think it will change the fact that they looked staged.

5. In relation to (4), it’s too long towards the end. I really don’t think there was a reason to show him searching for her. (Look elsewhere for spoilers). At least, not THAT long.

Now, here’s what I liked about the movie:

The supporting cast and the female leads were fantastic (and this is no feminist talking). Grace, beauty, loyalty, devotion, innocence, all of it was conveyed pretty well in my opinion. Tiara Jacqueline as Putri Gunung Ledang was quite graceful and charming, not to mention frightening when she was ‘repulsed’ by her lover (no spoilers here, my friends).

Mbok was quite touching in her loyalty to the Princess. It was not only beautiful, but also makes us wsh for the bygone days when loyalty and honour ruled the day. Sang Setia was none other than Sabri Yunus, and comic relief did he bring. Tok Bendahara, if only we had more civil servants like you, we would be the rulers of the world. Gusti Andiputra, I understand how you feel. My mom would be horrified though ;p.

And that, was that. Not the best Rm 10 I’ve spent, but not the worst either. Hmm… where did I put my old textbook?