Movie Magic Night!

Wow! Last night’s Malaysian Idol was incredible! We’re beginning to see who really has the potential to be the Malaysian Idol, and who should not be there. The score was:

Boys- 0
Girls – 1

Now, I’m not making judgements based on gender, but ability and showmanship. Let’s critique their performances, shall we?

Andrew…I can only say, “Too little, too late.” And he knows it. Sorry.

Vick… MISSED OPPORTUNITIES! One of the hallmarks of an Idol is their ability to engage the audience, and you are consistently doing anything but> that! I just can’t wait to be king was a good song, but you were missing the energy needed for it, and you missed a good opportunity to engage the audience. You should have changed the words “Everyone look left, everyone look right” and make it your own. If you could have gotten the audience to follow your lead (maybe everyone shout here, everyone cheer here ) you might have stood a better chance. Oh well.

Dina. Girl, you’re making the same mistakes Nikki did. Both of you are talented and beautiful, and undeniably fantastic. But you’re making the same mistakes. Your songs don’t flow well. You’re EDITING. We know you want o show oof your vocal range, but that’s not the way to it. You’re aware of it yourself, when you sing like that, you can’t control your pitching. I would say stop editing and start choosing. You can *be* there, girl. You just got to stop making silly mistakes. 🙂

Jac… Okay, I have to admit that’s she’s my favourite. Talented and has great showmanship. She had a weak performance in the beginning, but the seond more than made up for it. Good for you girl! Get some dental work though. You’re like Fantasia in that sense. Your teeth looks a little weird.

Well, that’s today’s critique. Have fun! 🙂