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Angel Girl
You are the Angel Girl. Neutral yet when you are
summoned to battle, you will fight for those
you love.
Brilliant and kind. You are the one everyone talks
to, and you usually have a crowd of guy friends
around you instead of girl friends. You seem to
relate to boys more. You brilliance is very
noticeable as you always seem to get great
marks and all the attention.
The teachers adore you and your wonderful marks.
They always call on you when there is a
question that cannot be answered by the other
class. They secretly know that you read ahead
and do the work that is due later on.
Love does not occur to you quickly but when it
does, it hits you hard and you can’t do
anything to stop it.
All in all you’re a great kid, always willing to
help out when help is needed. Watch out
though…the real world isn’t like it is now.

What anime girl are you?
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What Shoujo Cutie Are You?