Malaysian Idol Grand Finale Report

Okay, I realise that this is a few days late, but don’t blame me! Blame that @#$$#^%$^%$&^%*&%^*%#@#!!!!!!! father of mine who God alone knows what (and I really mean that God alone knows) what he did to the comp… I had no internet access at home!

Okay, enough with that. Here’s the highlights:

Dina screwed up. Big time. She started off well with Gemilang, the Winner’s song, but there was no real Oomph! to the song (wonder whether she had drank any Boh tea before that) and it didn’t seem like she really wanted the title.

Jac then came on with a totally different rendition of the late P.Ramlee’s (if you don’t know him you’re not a Malaysian, I don’t care if you’ve been overseas!)Tunggulah Kekasih (?) which showed off her powerful vocal range and more importantly, her great voice control. She did a slightly more subdued version earlier, but as Paul (one of the judges) said, she changed it into a competition song.

Dina then sang Saloma’s Jelingan Manja (Mischevious Look?) with quite a hint of cheekiness, but I think her lack of relationship experience showed. It was not *quite* cheeky enough, to quote Kak Gee (Fauziah Latiff, another judge). At this stage with one more song to go, she was really in trouble. She deserved a few votes though, for wearing a skirt. Being a tomboy myself I can relate. 😛

Jac then came on with a VERY, and I stress on the VERY, powerful version of Nat King Cole’s When I fall in love. Her previous rendition (in the earlier shows) was quite subdued that showed off her lower range and gave the song a very mellow flavour that suited it. This one though… WOW! She blew me away. Her high vocal range came to fore, and you felt that she was singing her heart out!

Jac- 2, Dina- 0 (Sorry girl).

Finally… Dina sang Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style, which was a rather good version, but it felt watered down. She heeded the advice of the previous show and dressed to the song, but there was a definite lack of attitude that the song called for. What a letdown.

Finally, it was Jac’s turn. She sang Gemilang, and while there was a definate show of cheroegraphy in terms of movement on stage, Jac, who dressed like a diva, showed us that she REALLY wanted the title, and well… Let’s just say this. On a scale on 1-10, ten being the highest, she rated a 150. :p She was that good.

The results were a foregone conclusion, though I will the first to admit that I was afraid Dina might win simply because of racism. But the fact that Jac won 76% of the votes… Phew! I’m glad she did. You go girl! 🙂