Deepavali Celebrations!

Okay, for those of you who know me, I celevrate Deepavali every year with two people; Vidya-aka and Anu-aka. They have been my petsisters since high school and I really love them; they’re great friends and girls.

This year’s was a little bit tight on the schedule part because I was also invited for the ‘Twin Celebrations’ of Sam’s and Tim’s birthday. So I started my day off with brunch at Anu’s house. It was delicious, but unfortunately the curry this year was not too hot. I actually took more curry than I did last year (not that I drowned my Itly or anything).

Then it was off to a brisk walk to Pravin’s place, where we had some jellies (my bro was with me) and a drink, then off to Vidya-aka’s place for lunch (yay! purii!). I discovered that most of my CPORT friends were on Friendster, so we exchanged Ron’s add (she’s the one with the most contacts from Junior High) and then we left after a nice long catch-up session.

Went to Pyramid, caught Taxi, will write review.

Till then, JA! 🙂