Report on the William Hung and Comedy4U

So for those of you who know, I’ve been on a quick sojourn to Genting for both a quick vacation and the William Hung Showcase. This is the report on the show:

7.20 PM- Arrived early, treated to the must of most major/cinematic staple: ADVERTISEMENTS. Most of them were about H2O, the current main show @the First World Plaza. The setup of the stage was pretty simple, 7 strobe lights on 3 small and 4 large panels, interspersed with pale green/pink lights. In the center was a baby grand piano, a tall chair, and a mike.

7.30 PM- William Hung walks down from the main entrance, few notice. ARRRGGGHHH!!! Wanted his autograph.

7.50 PM- The Nestle girls are walking around, selling ice-cream. Expensive lor… FYI, among the ads are 2 8TV ads, both about Gary, one about Tuning your TV, and the other about the Drink. I love their ads. 🙂

8.00 PM- Waiting, and waiting, and waiting… Popcorn… Gone. Cotton candy… *looks at bro* Getting there. ….

8.08 PM- Mist is starting to fall on my… *much* lower right. Starting to get sleepy.

8.21 PM- FINALLY! It’s begun!!!!! *Note: False alarm. *

8.30 PM- Finally? The lights have been dimmed and my dad is destroyed. William has just destroyed the Eagles’s Hotel California (his favourite song). Apparently, he sounds like a strangled rooster.

Write more later.