I have a job at MPH!!!! (And it’s not as fun as it sounds)

Seriously people, you’d think that a person who loves books like me would love having a job at MPH, but unfortunately, it’s pretty tedious. I got stationed at the General Books section, which covers a WIDE range of books. Really. Here’s the best part. I get to be in charge of the childcare, children’s activities, parenting, relationships, yoga and BEST of all, COMICS!


Now, if only I can learn to do housekeeping well enough….

3 thoughts on “I have a job at MPH!!!! (And it’s not as fun as it sounds)”

  1. !!!!!

    I’d LOVE to have a job at a bookstore. Nothing’s open here though (unless one can speak Chinese, which I can’t). How did you get your job?


  2. hello my name is jason.i would know how to apply for a job at mph bookstore.my email address is loyeejin AT gmail.com. thnks

    Edited to prevent spam, just in case.

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