Why is it that there are so many women in sales, but not many in exec positions? 🙂

Glass ceiling?

Ooooohhh….. Colourful patterns.

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  1. My friend!
    If this makes you any better, haha, we have Malaysian women taking the CEO chair of one London fashion chain.

    Can’t remember the exact name, but it was in the Star earlier this week-that the current CEO, Malaysia’s first female Malaysian Attorney General quit the post, and another Malaysian lady is taking up the post.

    And, if I’m not mistaken, the head of Giordano, and the head,founder and owner of British East India is a woman.

    So, well, there might be a glass ceiling- but with all these examples, is there really one?


    You know where the glass ceiling seems to be really, really apparent?

    Why is it that there are so many women who are
    high-ranking lawyers (heads/owners of firms, Senior Partners in big firms), but so few female judges?!

    So, so few female judges! Glass ceiling in the judiciary?

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